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January 2007

Travel on all roads and streets changed by -0.7 percent for January 2007 as compared with January 2006.
Travel for the month is estimated to be 230.4 billion vehicle miles.
Cumulative Travel for 2007 changed by -0.7 percent.
Cumulative estimate for the year is 230.4 billion vehicle miles of travel.

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Estimated Vehicle-Miles of Travel by Region - January 2007 - (in Billions)
Change in Traffic as compared to same month last year.

Region Total Travel Percentage Change
North-East 34.6 1.3
South-Atlantic 52.1 0.7
North-Central 51.6 -2.0
South-Gulf 45.0 -1.9
West 47.2 -1.0
All data for this month are preliminary. Revised values for the previous month are shown in Tables 1 and 2.
All vehicle-miles of travel computed with 2005 Table VM-2 as a base.
Compiled with data on hand as of March 14,2007.

1. Travel Trends (January 2007)

2. Individual Monthly Motor Vehicle Travel in the U.S. for October 2006

3. Changes on Rural Arterial Roads by Region and State

4. Changes on Urban Arterial Roads by Region and State

5. Changes on All Estimated Roads by Region and State

6. Volume Trends - Rural

7. Volume Trends - Urban

8. Figure 1 - Moving 12-Month Total on All Highways

9. Figure 2 - Travel on U.S. Highways By Month

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