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Archived: Cooperative Agreement between FHWA and Iowa State University -National Concrete Pavement Technology Center

SAFETEA-LU authorized funding for the Iowa State University-National Center for Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Technology. The FHWA and the ISU-National Center for Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Technology goal is to support advancing concrete pavement technology through conducting research, implementing technology transfer, and fostering innovation and increased product knowledge. The following projects supporting these goals are included in this cooperative agreement:

Cooperative Agreement between FHWA and Iowa State University-National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
Project Start Date Completion Date Additional Information
1 Materials and Construction Optimization for Preservation of Premature Pavement Distress in Portland Cement Concrete Pavements (MCO Project) Phase III 8/1/2006 5/31/2008 Project Details and Report
2 National Training for Integrating Materials and Construction Practices in Concrete Pavements: A State-of-the-Art Practice Manual 8/16/2006 8/16/2007 Project Details
Training Modules
3 Improving Variability and Precision of Air Void Analyzer (AVA) Test Results and Developing Rational Specifications 10/26/2006 8/1/2008 Project Details and Report
4 Develop a Simple and Rapid Test for Monitoring the Heat Evolution of Concrete Mixtures for Both Laboratory and Field Applications, Phase III 10/12/2006 7/11/2008 Project Details
5 Concrete Pavement Preservation and Rehabilitation Workshop 11/17/2006 2/29/2008 Project Details
Training Modules
6 Self-Consolidating Concrete - Applications for Slip-Form Paving, Phase II 12/7/2006 12/7/2010 Project Details
7 Implementation of Concrete Pavement Preservation and PCC Surface Characteristics 1/29/2007 1/28/2011 Project Details and Report
8 Implementation Activities Supporting the International Scan on Long-Life Concrete Pavements 5/1/2007 8/1/2007 Project Details
9 Phase 2 - National Training for Integrated Materials and Construction Practices 10/11/2007 2/1/2009 Project Details
10 Pervious Concrete Mix Design for Wearing Course Applications, Phase 1 10/18/2007 7/24/2011  
11 Effect of Admixtures on Roller Compacted Concrete Mixtures 11/2/2007 6/1/2010 Project Details
12 Development of Performance Properties of Ternary Mixtures: Laboratory Study on Concrete 3/6/2008 6/5/2010 Project Details
13 Concrete Overlay Field Application Program 4/7/2008 10/6/2011 Project Details
14 Technical Support for Two-Lift Paving Construction in Kansas 5/6/2008 9/30/2009 Project Details
15 MEPDG User Group 6/30/2008 6/29/2009  
16 National Training for Concrete Pavement Preservation 12/1/2008 4/30/2010 Project Details
17 Concrete Overlay Field Application Program- Part B 12/30/2008 12/29/2010 Project Details
18 Improving the Foundation Layers for Concrete Pavements 8/17/2009 8/16/2011  
19 Development of Perfromance Properties of Ternary Mixtures: Field Demonstration Projects 8/26/2009 8/25/2011 Project Details
20 Optimizing Concrete Mixtures for Perfromance and Sustainability 9/4/2009 9/3/2010 Project Details
21 Guide for Existing Concrete Overlay Design Methodology 9/4/2009 9/3/2010  
22 Technology Demonstration Projects 9/4/2009 9/3/2011 Project Details
23 Development of Sustainable Concrete Pavements: Manual of Practice 1/25/2010 1/24/2011 Project Details
24 Deicer Scaling Resistance of Concrete Mixtures Containing Slag Cement 5/26/2010 11/25/2011  
25 Concrete Pavement Mixture Design and Analysis (MDA) 9/2/2010 9/1/2012  
26 Investigation of Deterioration of Joints in Concrete Pavements 9/16/2010 7/25/2012  
27 Development of a Technology Deployment Plan for Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Concrete Paving Mixtures 9/16/2010 3/15/2011  
Cooperative Agreement between FHWA and Iowa State University-National Concrete Pavement Technology Center
Project Additional Information
Project 1 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=175563032
Project 2 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=1160586074
FHWA-NHI-134101 TCCC Design of Concrete Pavements
FHWA-NHI-134084 TCCC Fundamentals of Materials Used for Concrete Pavements
FHWA-NHI-134096 TCCC Basics of Cement Hydration
FHWA-NHI-134085 TCCC Incompatibility in Concrete Pavement Systems
FHWA-NHI-134087 TCCC Mix Design Principles
FHWA-NHI-134097 TCCC Fresh Concrete Properties
FHWA-NHI-134075 TCCC Hardened Concrete Properties - Durability
FHWA-NHI-134095 TCCC Early Age Cracking
FHWA-NHI-134098 TCCC Construction of Concrete Pavements
FHWA-NHI-134100 TCCC QC/QA for Concrete Pavements
FHWA-NHI-134102 TTCC Troubleshooting for Concrete Pavements
Project 3 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=-312663570
Project 4 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=1473830748
Project 5 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=1207153711
FHWA-NHI-131126A TTCC Preventative Maintenance and Pavement Preservation Concepts
FHWA-NHI-131126B TTCC Concrete Pavement Evaluation
FHWA-NHI-131126C TTCC Slab Stabilization and Slab Jacking
FHWA-NHI-131126D TTCC Partial-Depth Repairs
FHWA-NHI-131126E TTCC Full-Depth Repairs
FHWA-NHI-131126F TTCC Retrofitted Edge Drains
FHWA-NHI-131126G TTCC Load Transfer Restoration
FHWA-NHI-131126H TTCC Diamond Grinding and Grooving
FHWA-NHI-131126I TTCC Joint Sealing and Crack Resealing
FHWA-NHI-131126J TTCC Strategy Selection
Project 6 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=218688115
Project 7 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=-1317576198
Project 8 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=1393642907
Project 9 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=1160586074
Project 10  
Project 11 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=166823494
Project 12 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=-1526309512
Project 13 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=-921092412
Project 14 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=1293823915
Project 15  
Project 16 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=1236710025
Project 17 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=-79941760
Project 18  
Project 19 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=1265235142
Project 20 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=1719359932
Project 21 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=-1085847990
Project 22  
Project 23 http://www.cptechcenter.org/projects/detail.cfm?projectid=-176962114
Project 24  
Project 25  
Project 26  
Project 27  
Updated: 05/13/2019
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