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Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement Manual, Guidelines for Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation General Interest: provides practical guidance to engineers responsible for the day-to-day design, construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, and management of pavements.

Primary Topic: Materials-Concrete

Description: Continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) was introduced in the United States almost 100 years ago when the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads (now the Federal Highway Administration) constructed a CRCP test section on Columbia Pike in Arlington, Virginia. Since then, CRCP has been constructed in many states in the U.S. and in a number of other countries. As experience with the design and construction of CRCP has grown, a variety of lessons learned through practical experience and research have contributed to the development of best practices for CRCP throughout its life cycle. Today, CRCP is designed and constructed as a pavement of choice for long-life performance, recognizing that initial smoothness will be maintained for decades and that maintenance during that time will be minimal. This manual provides guidance for materials selection and quality assurance, and for the mechanistic-empirical design, construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of CRCP. Case studies are summarized to document the overall long-life performance of CRCP in the U.S. and in other countries.

FHWA Publication Number: FHWA-HIF-16-026

Publication Year: 2016

Document Links: PDF (file size: 5 mb)

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Updated: 04/11/2022
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