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Product Brief: Seasonal Monitoring Program - One Stop Shopping! Research/Reference: useful for researchers doing further work in the pavement area as well as those developing improved testing and design procedures. Includes documents of historical value.

Primary Topic: Materials-General

Description: As the temperature and moisture content of paved roads change over the course of a day and course of a year, the structural characteristics of the pavement layers also change. Those changes affect how well the pavement responds to traffic loads and thus how long the the pavement will last. However, the magnitude of those changes and the relationships involved are not well understood, making them difficult to address with any degree of confidence during the design and evaluation of pavements. To overcome this limitation, the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) established a seasonal monitoring program (SMP) within its Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) program. The objective of this seasonal monitoring program, as established in the early 1990s, was to: "Provide data needed to attain a fundamental understanding of the magnitude and impact of temporal variations in pavement response and material properties due to the separate and combined effects of temperature, moisture and frost/thaw variations.".

FHWA Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-04-153

Publication Year: 2004

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