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Understanding the Performance of Modified Asphalt Binders in Mixtures: High-Temperature Characterization

Research/Reference: useful for researchers doing further work in the pavement area as well as those developing improved testing and design procedures. Includes documents of historical value.

Primary Topic: Materials-Concrete

Description: The overall objective of this study was to determine if the Superpave high-temperature rheological properties of polymer-modified asphalt binders correlate to asphalt mixture rutting resistance. An emphasis was placed on evaluating polymer-modified asphalt binders with identical (or close) high-temperature performance grades (PG's), but varied polymer chemistries. Eleven asphalt binders were obtained for this study: two unmodified asphalt binders, an air-blown asphalt binder, and eight polymer-modified asphalt binders. High-temperature asphalt binder properties were measured by a dynamic shear rheometer (DSR). Mixture rutting resistance was measured by repeated shear at constant height (RSCH), and the French Pavement Rutting Tester (French PRT).

FHWA Publication Number: FHWA-RD-02-075

Publication Year: 2002

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Updated: 02/20/2015

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