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Border Infrastructure Program


Issue: Distribution of Funds Between the 4 States: AZ, CA, NM, and TX. Funds will be distributed based on Application from the 4 States along the southern US border. Memo sent to FHWA and FMCSA Divisions on Feb. 25, 2002.


In FY 2002 the USDOT Appropriation Act, Congress has made available $56.3 Million of the FHWA RABA funds for the Border Infrastructure Program. $2.3 Million was transferred to GSA for federal facilities. The Border Infrastructure funds, $54 Million, are to support the construction and improvement to the motor carrier safety inspection facilities along the United States-Mexican border. The objective of the program is twofold: safety and the development of infrastructure to facilitate truck flow through critical commerce corridors in the 4 states: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. This program is a discretionary program, but the funded projects will need to follow the Title 23 Federal-aid requirements.



Project Sponsors

A joint FHWA/FMCSA memorandum was sent to all Division offices requesting application on Feb. 25 with applications due April 1. Final plans are being made for an evaluation panel and development of an evaluation package for both Administrators. Information will be provided to the Secretary of Transportation for final project selection.

Point of Contact: Roger Petzold FHWA 202-366-4074 and Tom Kozlowski FMCSA 202-366-4049

As of Date: May 20, 2002

Updated: 10/20/2015
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