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FY99 Applications Listing

FY99 Applications Listing

Please read the caveat notes at the end this listing.

Multistate/ Arizona as lead State Canamex - Hoover Bypass Design & Construction of new bridge on US 93 $10,000,000
Multistate/ Arizona as lead State Canamex Corridor (I-19, I-10, US 60, US 93, & I-15 Route 4 in Canada & Route 15 in Mexico) Develop a Multistate corridor management plan $1,000,000
Multistate/ Arkansas as lead State Hwy 412 various sites in Northern AR & Southeast MO Environmental Review, Widening, Design/R/W & bridge replacement $33,300,000
Multistate/ Arkansas as lead State Hwy 71 from Bellavista AR to Pineville MO; Fort Smith to DeQueen AR; South of Texarkana to Louisiana State line Design work, interim improvements & construction on new location (various portions) $17,000,000
Multistate/ Arkansas as lead State Future I-69 AR, IL, IN, KY, LO, MI, MS, TN &TX Environmental Studies $44,160,000
Multistate/ Maine as lead State US 2 Corridor in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Border crossing construction in Maine. Reconstruction of Rt. 2 in portions of ME, NH, VT. Studies in NH, VT. $11,996,000
Multistate/ Maryland as lead State Western Maryland and nearby portions of VA and WV Study feasible N/S corridor improvements. $500,000
Multistate/ Missouri as lead State I-35 and I-29 from POEs in Laredo TX to Pembina, ND and Ambassador bridges Detroit MI ITS-Comprehensive Multistate, multi jurisdictional plan for ITS/CVO $800,000
Multistate/ New York as lead State Border crossings in Buffalo, NY; Detroit & Port Huron, MI; and Ranier, MN ITS and some physical construction to expedite RR cargo clearance $8,500,000
Multistate/ Oregon as lead State I-5 from I-84 in OR to I-205 in WA Trade Corridor Study $2,000,000
Multistate/ Wyoming as lead State US 87 from Buffalo, WY to Billings, MT Joint Port of Entry facility. PE and environmental studies and coordination $1,294,000
Alabama US 80 - Cahaba River Relief Tallawassee Creek Montgomery Outer Loop from US 231 to I-85 and Uphapee Creek R/W acquisition, construction of outer loop & replacement bridge $22,212,000
Alabama I-59/20 Trussville terminating at I-459 interchange Proposed Northern Beltline Design & R/W $15,000,000
Alabama Weatherly Rd extension from the Southern Bypass to US 231 Construction of 4 lane divided freeway $30,000,000
Alaska Dalton Highway from MP 111-144 & MP 305-355 Reconstruction of MP 111-144 and Design of MP 305-355 $10,916,400
Alaska Statewide Intermodal freight tracking ITS System $5,362,000
Arizona Mariposa Federal/State POE - Nogales, AZ Develop 10 acre parcel for commercial vehicle, inspection, and weighing $5,000,000
Arkansas NW of Springdale to NW Arkansas Regional Airport Planning for eventual construction of 4 lane divided access road $5,000,000
Arkansas US 53 from Marked Tree, AR to I-55 R/W for eventual construction to freeway standards $4,000,000
California SR 905 from Otay Mesa POE to I-805 Environmental review detailed design & R/W $40,000,000
California Six Counties in SCAG Region-wide Corridor Management Plan $3,000,000
California Alameda Corridor (35 mile segment) Environmental review and construction of highway rail grade crossing improvements $7,500,000
California Six High Priority Corridors in CA Pacific Rim International Trade Corridor - Phase 1 CVO/TSM Communication & Data network implementation $7,390,000
California Mid - America Corridor Feasibility study $1,500,000
California Coordinated Infrastructure Study (three elements) Feasibility of new border crossing, Planning for POE improvements in Mexicali, improving efficiencies of border transportation systems $340,000
California Etiwanda/Valley Blvd/ I-10 Interchange Interchange reconstruction $8,500,000
California Southern California INS & Customs Processing Upgrade Program ITS-Information Data exchange various agencies @ POEs $24,649,000
Florida US 41 at CSX tracks serving Rock Port area Construction - six lane overpass $2,800,000
Georgia SR 22/US 80, SR 96 & I-16 to Savannah Comprehensive Corridor Planning Study $1,500,000
Idaho US 95 from Junction Idaho 1 to the Canadian Border A) Environmental, concept & location studies. B) Comprehensive plng, R/W. C) Corridor planning D) Feasibility study for USDA $8,650,000
Illinois I-55 (WB) from Dan Ryan Expressway to Kedzie Ave Reconstruction of WB outbound mainline $14,000,000
Illinois Alton Bypass from IL 143 to Frostberg Rd & IL 143 to US/67/I-267 Preliminary design ($668K) and R/W acquisition ($8.55M) for expressway on new location $9,200,000
Indiana US 24 from SR 13 to SR 9 (Hoosier Industrial Corridor) New Construction - Bridge and roadway $9,000,000
Indiana Corridor 18 through the Indiana counties of Vanderburgh, Posey, & Warwick. Kentucky County of Henderson Planning, routing & location studies $400,000
Iowa I-35/I-80 from W of IA 415 to E of US 69 Reconstruction- Interchanges Widen 1 lane each direction $12,000,000
Iowa Relocation of US 218 and two interchanges (3.3 mile segment) Construction- 4 lane divided hwy and 2 interchanges $5,280,000
Iowa I-29 from Hamilton Blvd to the Floyd River Reconstruction of 2 miles of mainline and 4 interchanges $8,000,000
Iowa I-35, I-29 Corridor Supports Multistate ITS Study with Missouri as lead state  
Kansas I-35, I-29 Corridor Supports Multistate ITS Study with Missouri as lead state  
Kansas US 400/54, US 54 from Missouri to Oklahoma Location and design Feasibility study $560,000
Kansas US 54 from K96 interchange to I-35/KTA interchange Reconstruction- of 6 lane freeway w/ 4 interchanges $16,000,000
Kansas I-35 from .3 miles N of K68 proceeding NE 7.3 miles Pavement, Bridge widening & replacement $20,965,000
Kentucky I-66 (Trans America corridor connecting from US 23 to proposed I-73 in West Virginia Preliminary Engineering , Environmental, Design $17,000,000
Louisiana US 90 / I-49 to Westbrook Expwy Environmental, PE, design construction upgrade to full control access $32,160,000
Louisiana High Priority Corridor #1 from Shreveport LA to Arkansas Construction (design, ROW, & utility work) $13,880,000
Massachusetts E-W CSX Corridor - from NY line to Boston Increase bridge clearances to allow double stacking of RR cars. $14,000,000
Michigan Ambassador Bridge Gateway of I-75 - Detroit A) Design of improved gateway; B) I-75 construction/reconstruction $55,200,000
Michigan Blue Water Bridge - Detroit - St Clair County Implementation of ITS technologies on bridge, improve grade crossing, design and construction of truck cargo facility $1,200,000
Michigan I-94 Black Water Bridge - Port Huron Design of Bridge replacement $4,000,000
Michigan I-75 - Sault Ste. Marie from Chippewa County line 27.3 miles to International Bridge Construction - Rehabilitation $16,000,000
Michigan SEMCOG-Region Livington, ST Clair, Monroe, Wayne, Oakland, Washtenaw, Macomb counties Cross Border Study $100,000
Michigan Battle Creek Construction of Inland Port near I-94 $1,500,000
Minnesota US 53 near Canadian border A) Study and Env review for Virginia to Cook; B) Study and Env review for Intl Falls to Kabetogama $600,000
Minnesota I-35 W from I-494 to 66th St - Cross Town Project Construction and addition of HOV lane $11,524,800
Minnesota Near border crossings Mobile vehicle inspections utilizing portable scales $144,000
Mississippi Future I-69 Supports Multistate Environmental studies with Arkansas as lead state  
Mississippi Appalachian Corridor V in Pontotoc and Lie Counties Construction (about 10 miles) to freeway standards $36,041,600
Missouri Hwy 412 various sites Supports Mutistate Environmental review, widening, design/R/W and bridge replacement with Arkansas as lead state  
Missouri Riverview Drive from Hall St. to North to I-270( City of St. Louis) Reconstruction $10,400,000
Missouri US 60 from US 63 to SR 21(E) PE and reconstruction $25,565,000
Missouri US 71 from Kansas City to Carthage Upgrade to interstate $94,214,000
Montana Yellowstone County/City of Billings Feasibility study for bypass $150,000
New Jersey Parallel to NJ Turnpike in vicinity of Port Elizabeth with first phase being the development of a corridor plan Various improvements (e.g. Construction of rail, construction of freeway, new interchange) $1,000,000
New Mexico Pete Dominici Hwy (NM 136) from MP 0.4 to 4.9 Construction widen from 2 lanes to 4 $4,000,000
New Mexico US 54 from TX state line to Alamagordo Construction (3 projects) upgrading to 4 lane facility $35,000,000
New Mexico I-25 & US 70 interchange Reconstruction of interchange $25,000,000
New Mexico I-25 & US 40 interchange Reconstruction of interchange $40,000,000
New Mexico Sun Land Dr extension from Doniphan Dr. to NM 273 New Construction - 4 lane divided $9,200,000
New York US 219 from NY 39 (Springville) to NY17/I-86 (Salamanca) Final design, ROW acquisition, construction & construction management for reconstruction from 2 lane to 4 lanes $41,400,000
New York I-87 South Bound at Northern Terminus at Canadian Border Design & ROW acquisition for CV safety and credential inspection facility using ITS technology $500,000
New York NY 17/I-86 in Chautauqua and Cattaragus Counties Shoulder widening and guardrail replacement $4,000,000
New York Thousand Islands border crossing I-81 Widen approaches on NB I-81 (PE, design and construction) $200,000
New York I-90 near US 219 Construction, reconstruction and bridge rehabilitation $14,000,000
New York Port of Rochester border crossing Design of inspection facilities $600,000
New York Rt 63 in Livingston, Wyoming, and Genesee Counties Corridor study (existing facility is 2 lane) to accommodate trucks $800,000
New York Peace Bridge and Queston - Lewiston Bridge Construction of Safety Inspection facility including Electronic safety system - equipment purchase and installation $2,500,000
New York City of Buffalo ROW improvements and street reconstruction on Porter Ave/Niagara St $5,000,000
New York City of Buffalo Modal alternatives study to serve Buffalo to Niagara Falls and other corridors $240,000
New York City of Buffalo Study of restoration of historic transportation facilities at Col. Ward pumping station $240,000
New York Buffalo/Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority Commercial vehicle processing center - planning, construction, evaluation $960,000
New York Buffalo/Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority ITS operational test at border crossing - including design, construction and operation $3,600,000
New York Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Terminal and bridge plaza expansion (design, coordination and demolition/reconstruction of some facilities) $2,880,000
New York Rainbow Bridge, Lewiston-Owenston Bridge, and Whirlpool-Rapids Bridge (3 POEs) Autometer license plate ID reader system (purchase and installation of cameras, computers, cable, etc.) $400,000
New York City of Niagara Falls Relocation of Amtrak station and related improvements $3,860,000
New York Albany area Redesign of tandem truck lot near I-87 at exits 23 and 24 $2,400,000
North Carolina I-74 Mount Airy weigh station Upgrade I-77 NB & SB weigh stations $1,200,000
North Dakota Pembina - Emerson & Portal North Portal POES Develop model for border crossings transportation and implement some elements $200,000
Oklahoma I-35 S. Canada Bridge to US 677 Reconstruction, adding 2 lanes $37,600,000
Oklahoma I-35 Shield Blvd. to SE 59th St Reconstruction, adding 2 lanes $43,200,000
Oklahoma I-35 / I-240 Interchange Reconstruction $32,000,000
Oklahoma I-35 / I-40 Interchange Expedite ongoing reconstruction $12,240,000
Oklahoma I-35 NE 4th St. to I-44 Reconstruction, adding 2 lanes $68,000,000
Pennsylvania US 220 in Blair and Centre Counties (Bellefonte bypass to Tyrone Expressway) Construction and Reconstruction to freeway standards (ROW and utility relocation phases) $11,880,000
Pennsylvania Mon-Fayette Expressway - various portions in Washington and Allegheny counties Construction and Reconstruction to freeway standards $20,000,000
Pennsylvania US 219 between Maryland line and Somerset Various studies, then environmental review and ROW work $2,000,000
Puerto Rico Port of San Juan vicinity Tunnel design, traffic management planning and related work $5,000,000
South Carolina Conway Bypass (Horry County) Construction to 4/6 lanes $114,400,000
South Dakota Rapid City Construction, interchange, frontage roads & RR underpass $8,400,000
Tennessee Memphis (I-40/I-240 Midtown Interchange) Reconstruction, adding 2 lanes $12,000,000
Texas Laredo - FM 3464 from I-35 to the new border crossing Construction of freeway, overpasses & connectors $12,400,000
Texas Webb County- I-35/ Loop 20/FM3464 Intersection Grade separation of UP crossing and construction of connectors $14,000,000
Texas El Paso County - I-10/Loop 375 Interchange Geometric Improvements $9,600,000
Texas Hidalgo County - US 281 main floodway South of Pharr Construction of high bridge & upgrade to four lanes $3,450,000
Texas Cameron County - US77/83 from the US77/83 Interchange to 1500ft south of FM 1479 Widen 2 lanes to 6 lanes $9,000,000
Texas Hidalgo County - SP 241 from Pharr/Reynosa International Bridge to SH336 Construction - widen from 3 lanes to 6 lanes $2,280,000
Texas Cameron County - SH 4/48, FM 511 Port of Brownsville Reconstruct Bridges and pavement to accommodate overweight vehicles $2,400,000
Texas Hidalgo County - FM 1015 from US 281 to Progresso International Bridge Construction - widen from 2 lanes to 4 lanes $1,200,000
Texas I-27 from Denver Co to Mexican Border Feasibility study of a 4 lane divided hwy $1,200,000
Texas Fort Worth Alliance Airport near I-35 & FM 156. Kelly Air Force Base near I-35 south of San Antonio Evaluate role of strategic inland ports in enhancing transportation with emphasis on these two locations $160,000
Texas US 59 and Beltway 8 intersection Construct three direct connectors, construct interim main lanes and structures $12,000,000
Texas Comal County - I-35 from Walnut Avenue to FM 725 Construction - upgrade to 8 lane facility $3,474,000
Texas Comal County - I-35 from FM 725 to SH 46 Construction - upgrade to 8 lane facility (frontage & main lanes) $7,895,500
Texas Maverick County - US 57 from FM 481 to 6.9 Km SW Construction widen from 2 lanes to 4 $2,000,000
Texas Cameron County - East Loop Construction $2,153,250
Texas 3 border crossings in Hidalgo POE system-Pharr, Hidalgo,& Progresso) Construct safety inspection facility, bus processing, Electronic vehicle Traffic management systems plus related improvements $7,500,000
Texas Montgomery Co - 4 interchanges on US 59 Construction of grade separated intersections $7,200,000
Texas Dallas Co - I-35 from Parkerville Rd to I-20 Construction - widen to 6 lane freeway $13,500,000
Texas Denton Co - I-35 /FM 407 interchange in Lewisville Construction $4,925,000
Texas Hays Co - I-35 from Loop 82 to SH 123 Construction - widen to 6 lane facility $5,000,000
Texas Hays Co - I-35 from Blanco river to Loop 82 overpass Construction - widen to 6 lane facility $7,750,000
Texas Cameron Co - Brownsville/Matamoros RR Demo Project at Union Pacific Classification yard Construction - expansion of current project at classification yard $3,000,000
Texas El Paso County - International Bridge of the Americas Construction - Border station improvements adding 4 additional primary booths $2,400,000
Texas EL Paso County - Paso del Norte International Bridge Construction - Border station improvements adding 4 additional primary booths $2,400,000
Texas I-35 between Round Rock City and Buda City ITS - Incident management Plan for Austin area $2,950,000
Texas Webb County - Laredo POE system (4 bridges) Bridge system technological upgrade & data interchange $6,864,000
Texas Webb Co - Quatro Vientos Trade Corridor Planning , design, R/W acquisition & environmental work for new corridor $1,420,000
Texas US 59 designated as I-69 Develop a Corridor Management Plan $400,000
Texas SH 130 as an alternate to I-35 from SH 195 to I-10 R/W acquisition $10,000,000
Texas I-35 from Georgetown to San Antonio R/W acquisition for RR shift within SH130 corridor $8,000,000
Texas Nueces County - North Side hwy from and Rail corridor I-37 @ Carbon Plant Rd to US 181 on the north side of the channel preliminary engineering through construction $7,000,000
Texas Dallas Fort Worth Area - Strategic Routing System Technology Systems, Added Freeway capacity, Bottle neck improvements, Intermodal freight access improvements $48,000,000
Utah Wasatch Front - Juab, Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Box Elder Counties Feasibility study of legacy Highway approx. parallel to I-15 $800,000
Virginia Generally follows US 83 from Pound to Bradshaw Design and construction for sections to be determined. $100,000,000
Washington Cascade Gateway - 4 border crossing in Whatcom County Binational Planning Coordination $810,938
Washington Fast Corridor from Everett to Tacoma focusing on north / south RR and port access routes Construction-various grade separations /port access ( 5 of 15 projects) $30,020,000
Washington Cascade Gateway - 4 border crossings in Whatcom County Freight & traveler origin and destination & commodity flow studies $237,500
Washington US 395 North Spokane Corridor from I-90 to US 305 (new) PE, R/W acquisition & Construction of project #1 $32,800,000
Washington US 395 from Half Moon Rd to Hamilton Rd Construction -upgrade to 4 lane facility, Design and R/W acquisition $12,800,000
Washington Cascade Gateway - 4 border crossings in Whatcom County Marine & Rail Option Study $324,375
Washington Peace Arch Border Crossing ensure agencies engaged in open design process $125,000
Washington SR 539 from the Lynden-Aldergrove Border Xing to I-5 Geometry improvements ,widening & R/W $9,658,503
Washington Cascade Gateway - 4 border crossings in Whatcom County ITS-Preclearance from Marine Ports to Border POEs, etc. $9,725,000
Washington Cascade Gateway - 4 border crossing in Whatcom County Binational Finance Institution Design $173,000
Washington I-5 in Whatcom County with an emphasis on Border area I-5 Alternative Study for capacity & interchange improvements $1,000,000
Washington I-5 and POE in Summa WA Cross Country Feasibility Study -road/rail alignments to link I-5 to POEs $216,250
Washington Cascade Gateway - 4 border crossing in Whatcom County Outreach project to market Preclearance program (Pace) $200,000
Washington SR543 within cascade gateway from H street to North of Revenue Canada border station Construction - upgrade to 4 lanes & border Xing improvements $4,800,000
Washington I-5/Port of Tacoma Interchange and Frontage Rd Reconstruct Interchange to accommodate HOV by replacing bridge with a 5 lane structure $10,000,000
Washington US 395 at Foster Wells Rd Interchange at MP25.1 Frontage Rd from Hillsboro St at approx MP26.88 to Foster Wells Rd at approx MP25.1 Construction new interchange & frontage roads $4,960,000
Washington I-5 from I-84 in OR to I-205 in WA Supports Multistate Trade Corridor Study with Oregon as lead state  
West Virginia Mon-Fayette Expressway from I-68 (east of Morgantown) to PA border Construction to freeway standards $76,560,000
West Virginia Tolsia Hwy in Wayne and Mingo Counties Reconstruction from 2 lane rural to 4 lane expressway w/partial access control $238,200,000
Wisconsin SR 29 in Brown, Marathon, Shawano, and Dunn Counties Construction to improve a 2 lane facility to a 4 lane divided highway $12,000,000
Wisconsin US 151 in Iowa, Lafayette, and Grant Counties General design for reconstruction project $1,500,000
Wisconsin US 151 in Fond du Lac County Reconstruction and addition of a left turn lane $3,000,000
Wisconsin US 41/SR 26 interchange south of Oshkosh Reconfiguration of interchange for safety and operations $2,200,000

Caveat Notes:

1. Where no amount is placed in the CURRENT FY REQUEST field of the table, it is because the total request for all States has been placed in that field on the record containing the Multistate/... as lead State in the STATE field.

2. The language in the LOCATION and TYPE OF WORK fields may vary somewhat from the exact language in the application. Where the language does so, it was to standardize the language in all records to facilitate review (reviewers have access to the application itself).

3. Listing an application does not necessarily mean that the entire request has been found to be eligible for funding.

4. Listing an application and identifying it with a State does not necessarily mean that the State or applicable MPO endorses the application or agrees that the amount requested should be allocated this fiscal year. Some applications were submitted by a State or MPO on behalf of a third party.

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