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Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program


The Fiscal Year 2001 National Corridor Planning and Development Program and Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program grant applicants:

State Project  Amount Requested
Arizona Infrastructure improvements to property purchased for Commercial Vehicle Inspections at the Nogales POE.  $       750,000
Arizona ITS-CVO processing for international crossing system in Nogales POE./FONT>  $       800,000
Arizona Douglas internal weigh-saftey inspection complex  $    1,000,000
(with Nevada)
Detailed design and engineering/construction activities for a bridge crossing to bypass the Hoover Dam bridge crossing. $  20,000,000
Arkansas Upgrade US 63 from Marked Tree to I-55 to Interstate standards.  $    3,500,000
Arkansas Environmental and location studies for future I-69 from Shreveport, LA to U.S. 65 in AR.  $    4,000,000
Arkansas PE for future Southeast I-69 connector, Section of Independent Utility (SIU) 28 between the I-69 mainline and I-530 at Pine Bluff  $    4,800,000
Arkansas Upgrades on US 412 -- A:PE for Springdale bypass in AR ($2M); B:Construction for Nob Hill to Highway 303, widening, ($5.3M); C:Design/ROW acquisition for widening from Mountain Home to Lake Norfolk ($5.5M); D:Environmental and location studies for Paragould Bypass  $  13,800,000
( w/ IN, KY, LA, MS, TN, TX)
Environmental and Location studies for future I-69 from Sarnia and Windsor, Ontario Canada to Laredo and the Lower Rio Grande Valley (US/Mexico Border) $ 28,240,000
(w/ MO, LA)
Four projects along US 71.  A)Interchange Improvement and Bridge Replacement, Barton county, MO, $6.6M; B)BellaVista Bypass in McDonald County, MO and Benton County, AR, $1.8M; C)Design for a 4-lane highway from I-40 to DeQueen, AR ($8M); D)ROW acquisition for a 4-lane highway from Texarkana to Louisiana line ($4M).  $  20,400,000
(w/ MS)
Construction of Mississippi River crossing within the I-69 Corridor at the AR/MS line in Desha County, AR and Bolivar county, MS (a.k.a. Great River Bridge)  $    7,800,000
California Upgrade computerized information system, acquire remote television broadcast vehicle to support binational technology exchange effort, and study cross border feasibility of improving cross-border shipping process between California and Baja California.  $       520,000
California Comprehensive feasibility study of east west multimodal transportation  network between Chicago and Los Angeles  $    2,400,000
California Comprehensive corridor planning encompassing I-8 in Imperial County and I-10 in San Bernardino County  $    2,400,000
California Feasibility studies for intermodal load transfer facility and industrial park on Morongo Indian Reservation near I-10 in Riverside County  $    3,900,000
California Environmental studies and project development for PCC overlay on SR 7 near the Calexico East POE to SR 98.  $    5,280,000
California Technical , environmental and financial feasibility studies for new highway facility connecting I-5 in Orange County with I-15 in Riverside County  $    5,500,000
California Project development, ROW acquisition  and construction of grade separation projects in the Alameda Corridor East from E. Los Angeles to Pomona  along UP/SP RR line  $  20,000,000
California Preliminary Engineering and design for realignment of I-5 and I-805 from San Ysidro POE to Virginia Ave in San Diego metropolitan area  $  30,000,000
California Preliminary engineering and environmental studies between SR98 from SR111 to SR7 in Imperial County.  $  37,500,000
California Environmental study, design, and ROW acquisition along SR 905 Freeway to the Otay Mesa Port of Entry  $  42,000,000
Colorado PE and environmental studies along the Ports to Plains corridor (CO portion)  $    2,000,000
Connecticut Final design phase for replacement of the I-95 Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge in New Haven  $  15,000,000
Florida A six-lane overpass structure on US 41 at the CSX tracts serving the Rockport area of the Port of Tampa in Hillsborough County.  $  10,000,000
Georgia Comprehensive corridor planning, multi-state and interstate coordination and multimodal solutions through development of a vertiport infrastructure system in the southeast U.S. region.  $    3,888,854
GSA At Champlain, NY POE, construction of additional parking and related work to expedite traffic flow, improve safety.  $       100,000
GSA At Columbia, Laredo TX POE construction of a 3rd lane for truck processing.  Lane will separate full and empty trucks prior to inspection.  $       308,000
GSA At bridge of the Americas, EL Paso, TX POE, construct new headhouse and 4 additional primary inspection lanes and booths.  $    1,500,000
GSA At Pharr, TX POE construction of 25 inspection bays with canopy.  $    1,600,000
GSA Portal, ND POE construct 3 bay cargo inspection facility.  $    1,700,000
GSA At Sault St. Marie, MI POE, construction of a corridor for the separation of commercial and non-commercial traffic at the approach to the port.  $    1,990,000
Idaho Design, ROW acquisition and construction of realigned US-95 from Eastport to SR1 in Boundary and Bonner counties and related feasibility study.  $  12,100,000
Illinois PE for Central Ave. to Narragansett Ave. connector, a new 4-lane highway near Midway Airport and the CSX Bedford Park intermodal yards in Cook county  $    5,000,000
Illinois Construction of Alton Bypass in Madison county.  $  15,000,000
Illinois Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Stevenson Expressway (I-55) in Cook county  $  24,000,000
Indiana Study feasibility of extension of Hoosier Heartland corridor highway from I-65 at Lafayette south/southwest to I-74  $       240,000
Indiana Tier 2 EIS work for future I-69 from Indianapolis to Evansville.  $    4,400,000
Indiana Construction of South Shore Industrial Safety Overpass (Porter county) near I-80/94  $    6,500,000
Indiana Access, capacity, operational and realignment improvements to SR 62/66 Industrial corridor from Mt Vernon east to Cannelton in southern Indiana  $  15,500,000
Indiana Reconstruct Cline Ave Interchange on I-80/94 in Lake County (Chicago leg of Corridor 18)  $  18,721,600
Indiana Final Design for future I-69 within Evansville area including an Ohio River Crossing (SIU 18)  $  30,000,000
Iowa Install three changeable message signs and related ITS hard/software along I-29 in Council Bluffs area.  $       750,000
Iowa Construct 4-lane bypass in vicinity of Plainfield on US 218 in Bremer county (part of Avenue of the Saints)  $    5,000,000
Iowa Reconstruction of mainline and interchanges on I-29 in Woodbury county (within Sioux City)  $    8,000,000
Kansas Location and design concepts study from Mullinville, KS to Oklahoma state line for US 54.  $       800,000
Louisiana Complete environmental studies, then prepare preliminary and final engineering plans for Section of Independent Utility (SIU) 14 and SIU 15 of future I-69 between Arkansas line and vicinity of Shreveport.  $    2,500,000
Louisiana Prepare design and construction plans for I-49 from Arkansas border to vicinity of Shreveport.  $  35,400,000
Louisiana Upgrade access control to US 90 from LaFayette to the vicinity of New Orleans  $  76,000,000
(w PA, VA, WV)
Project Planning for 4 N/S corridors in Western Md and adjacent States  $    4,000,000
Michigan Southeast Michigan/Southwest Ontario Binational Planning Study--Planning Study  $       200,000
Michigan Corridor 18 Planning Study, I-94  $    1,600,000
Michigan I-94 Baker & Zeeb Interchanges--Design & ROW, Washtenow County  $    3,500,000
Michigan Detroit - Windsor International Bridge Study: Feasibility Study & Environmental Clearance  $    4,000,000
Michigan ITS Border & Corridor Projects--Design & Construction (Changeable message signs and video cameras at 3 locations in Detroit area)  $    4,400,000
Michigan International Intermodal Freight Terminal--Environmental Clearance & ROW (Wayne County)  $    8,000,000
Michigan Ambassador Bridge Access Improvements--Design & ROW, Detroit, MI  $  10,000,000
Minnesota Bridge Replacement -- Replace I-35E Lexington Bridge across the Mississippi River between Saint Paul, MN, and Lilydale, MN  $  10,000,000
Minnesota Reconstruct and add an HOV lane in each direction on I-35W from 66th St to Minnehaha Creek (Twin Cities metropolitan area) including the I-35W/Hwy62 Commons section.  $  10,000,000
Minnesota US TH 53: from Falls to Falls Corridor. Construction funding for widening US TH 53 by adding one lane in each direction on Segment 1. Environmental review (EIS) for widening of US TH 53 on Segments 2,3, and 4. Koochiching and St Louis County  $  48,240,000
Mississippi Restore historic train station , upgrade passenger facilities and establish a regional intermodal facility along an AmtraK line in Hattiesburg  $    3,240,000
Mississippi ROW acquisition for Corridor V of the Appalachian Development Highway System from SR 9 west of the Pontotoc/Lee county line to US 45 at Tupelo.  $    4,000,000
Mississippi Relocation of SR 304 from US 61 to I-55 (Corridor 18, future I-69)  $  47,000,000
Missouri Replace 2-lane highway with 4-lane divided highway for US 60 in Carter county (most funds for paving west end, some for PE on each end of section).  $    8,300,000
Missouri PE (32 miles), ROW acquisition and construction (6 miles) for US 61 from Iowa line south with eventual replacement of 2-lane highway with 4-land divided highway.  $  23,000,000
(w KS)
Study of ITS elements of the Kansas City International trade processing center  $    1,200,000
Montana Environmental study for I-15 corridor through city of Helena  $    2,000,000
Nebraska US 26: Scottsbluff to Minatare.  Widen from 2-lane rural section to a 4-lane expressway.  $    6,085,000
New Hampshire
(w ME & VT)
Component A: construction of CVO inspection facility in eastern VT($700k): Component B; Reconstruction of US 2 near Gilead, ME ($6M);Component C; Reconstruction of US 2 in NH ($3.0M); Component D; Improvements US 2 in VT ($2M)  $  11,700,000
New Mexico Camino Real Intermodal Center Infrastructure Connections in Do&#ntilde;a Ana County  $    8,800,000
New Mexico US 54 from Texas state line to Alamogordo in Otero County; Widen US54 from 2-lanes (no shoulder) to 4-lanes with shoulders and clear zone  $  35,000,000
New York Binational planning between Buffalo and sister Canadian entities.  $       100,000
New York Installation of canopy, inspection booths, signal and WIM at Ogdensburg-Prescott Intl Crossing  $       400,000
New York Planning study of border crossings between Niagara county and Canada  $    1,000,000
New York Feasibility and PE study of tandem truck lot in Albany, NY  $    2,400,000
New York Relocate Niagara Falls Amtrak Station  $    2,700,000
New York Vertical Clearance improvements to Canadian Pacific subsidiary line from Whitehall to Rouses Point NY  $    2,764,800
New York Reconstruction, lane addition and electronic signing improvements to NB I-87 near Canada border  $    2,800,000
New York Corridor study of Van Wyck expressway in vicinity of JFK Airport.  $    4,180,000
New York Construction of facilities for federal inspection agencies as part of the Toronto-Rochester fast ferry service project  $    5,600,000
New York Planning, ROW acquisition and highway reconstruction at International Gateway District in Buffalo.  $    6,000,000
New York Design and ROW acquisition for new freeway (future I-99) from PA border north for 12 miles.  $    7,587,000
New York Construction of US 219 from Springdale to Salamanca  $  33,720,000
(w/ Kentucky)
Multimodal and intermodal planning, environmental and other analyses along the I-75 corridor from Dayton to Ohio River.  $    5,600,000
Oklahoma Environmental clearance, PE, design, reconstruction, widening and interchange reconstruction of US 412 in portions of Tulsa and Rogers counties.  $  40,400,000
Oklahoma Add two lanes to I-35 in various portions of Oklahoma City area and related work.  $193,040,000
Oregon A.) PE, Environmental work, ROW acquisition and contract plans for lane addition to I-5 in North Portland ($2M) and B.) design and ROW acquisition for interchange reconstruction on I-5 in S. Medford ($2M)  $    4,000,000
Pennsylvania Port of Pittsburgh Commission Barge Demonstration Phase II  $       500,000
Pennsylvania Development planning for the implementation of an Agile Port System Intermodal Corridor between Harrisburg and Philadelphia  $    1,000,000
Pennsylvania Continental 1 corridor (US 219) comprehensive needs study from Buffalo, NY to I-80 in Dubois, PA  $    2,500,000
Pennsylvania PE along US 219 in Somerset county  $    3,100,000
Pennsylvania Construction and related design and ROW acquisition for Mon/Fayette Expressway between Uniontown and Brownsville.  $  44,000,000
South Carolina Feasibility study for I-526 port terminal freight corridor in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties.  $       450,000
South Carolina Construction of two additional lanes on the Carolina Bays Parkway from US 501 to SR 9 in Horry county.  $  10,000,000
South Dakota Construction of Phase I of the Southeast Connector route in Rapid City, SD including a new interchange at Elk Vale Rd and SD-44 and four-lane reconstruction of Elk Vale Rd from South of SD-44 north to near I-90.  $  10,800,000
Tennessee Survey and design along future I-69 in Dyer and Obion Counties from Dyersburg to just south of the Kentucky State Line.  $    1,200,000
Tennessee Location and environmental studies along corridor I-69 from the Junction of US-51 and State Route 385 near Millington to the Junction of interstate I-155 and State Route 20 at Dyersburg.  $    2,800,000
Tennessee Survey and design on proposed I-69 from the Mississippi State Line to the junction of US-51 and State Route 385 near Millington.  $    3,200,000
Texas Data development for la Entrada al Pacifico Trade Corridor (Amarillo and Dallas to Midland then to the west coast of Mexico)  $       200,000
Texas Pedestrian improvements and ITS deployment on East Loop (Brownsville)  $       307,100
Texas San Antonio commercial vehicle certification pilot program  $       360,509
Texas Environmental Assessment and international coordination for relocation and related work on East Loop (Brownsville)  $       387,300
Texas Improvement Plan and related work for six POEs in El Paso area (including part of New Mexico)  $       450,000
Texas Replace structure and rehabilitate approaches on FM 511 and SH 48 (Brownsville area) to accommodate overweight vehicles  $       500,000
Texas Construct truck lane and related work near International Bridge in Hidalgo County  $    1,232,000
Texas Capacity improvements to FM 494 in Hidalgo County  $    1,250,000
Texas Design and Construction of Cuatro Vientos Road (Laredo)  $    1,500,000
Texas Improvements to FM 1016 in Hidalgo County  $    1,500,000
Texas Improvements to Sunland Drive (El Paso)  $    1,680,000
Texas Construct US 281/spur 241/Spur 600 interchange in Hidalgo County  $    2,000,000
Texas PE, Design and related activities of Border Extension East, Herring Road (El Paso)  $    3,840,000
Texas Corridor management plan for Ports to Plains corridor in W Texas.  $    4,000,000
Texas Relocate ramps at Freeport Business Center (San Antonio Area)  $    4,000,000
Texas Reconstruction of Mile 2 W in Hidalgo County  $    4,876,760
Texas Construct US 281 freeway in Hidalgo County  $    5,000,000
Texas Acquire ROW for Border safety inspection facilities and related work (Laredo, Eagle Pass, El Paso, Brownsville, Pharr-Reynosa, Los Indios-Lucia Blanco)  $    6,050,000
Texas Construct Border Patrol (INS) check points  $    7,300,000
Texas Construct grade separations on US 59 in Ft. Bend County  $    7,500,000
Texas Reconstruct I-35 in Hill county  $    8,550,000
Texas Improvements to Laredo trade corridor  $    8,786,987
Texas Construction of four interchanges on US 281 in Hidalgo County  $  10,000,000
Texas ITS activities in Dallas/FT Worth area  $  10,640,000
Texas Improvements to US 77/83 in Cameron County  $  10,700,000
Texas Construct 4 interchanges on US 77 in Willacy County  $  12,500,000
Texas Reconstruct I-10 in Orange County  $  21,000,000
Utah Corridor planning and design for I-15 in Utah County  $       800,000
Washington State Whatcom County.  Examine current and projected levels of demand for cross-border transit, identify appropriate transit system links, define needed at-border processing and procedures, and develop a phased plan for integrating cross-border transit services across the Cascade Gateway--mainly involving transit authorities from WA and B.C. as well as U.S. and Canadian inspection agencies.  $        76,260
Washington State Whatcom County: Cascade Gateway Rail Study to analyze the two cross-border rail lines through Whatcom Co. into B.C., Canada. Study will affect passenger and freight modal shifts which would impact I-5 and SR9 in the U.S., and B.C. Highways 99, 11,13, and 15.  $        86,260
Washington State Whatcom County: Sumas, WA - Abbotsford, B.C.  Cascade Gateway.  Binationally coordinated improvement plan for at-border roads both north and south of the SR9 POE.  $       120,000
Washington State Whatcom County: Advance Traveler Information System--Cascade Gateway.  Design and implementation of an automated travel information system for the SB traffic at the Hwy99/I-5 and Hwy15/SR543 Border Crossings with British Columbia, Canada.  $       550,000
Washington State Whatcom County SR539: Cascade Gateway.  Final design, ROW acquisition, and construction of newly configured border approach lanes and related facilities covering approximately the last 1,333 feet of roadway leading to the U.S. - Canadian border.  $       966,112
Washington State Whatcom County.  Develop and maintain an international travel demand model that will include traveler and freight travel demand in this binational region as well as enable simulation models for at-border facilities and regional intermodal facilities.  $    1,121,380
Washington State Preliminary engineering work on 30 miles of I-5 from the southern city limits of Bellingham, WA to the Canadian border (Whatcom County).  $    2,803,450
Washington State US 395: Halfmoon Rd to Hamilton Rd.  Provides for the widening, by one lane in each direction, of US 395 extending from Milepost 172.6 in the vicinity of North Spokane to Milepost 176.92 in the vicinity of Deer Park, WA.  $  15,200,000
Washington State Construction of grade separation, port access and railroad terminal access improvements along the Freight Action Strategy (FAST) Corridor for the Tacoma-Seattle-Everett area (six locations in Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, and Puyallup).  $  24,480,000
Washington State A multimodal transportation facility that will provide improved access between US 395 north and US 2 Northeast of Spokane to I-90.  Engineering, ROW acquisition and construction of highway improvements, on the US 395 North Spokane Corridor, Spokane, Washington.  $  65,400,000
West Virginia Construction work for Mon/Fayette Expressway in Monongalia county  $  63,300,000
West Virginia Design, construction and related work on various sections of Coalfields Expressway in Raleigh, Wyoming and McDowell counties.  $  93,760,000
West Virginia Design, ROW acquisition and construction of various portions of Tolsia highway in Wayne and Mingo counties  $329,600,000
Wisconsin PE and environmental studies in I-39/US51/SR29 corridor in vicinity of Wausau  $    3,000,000
Wisconsin Construction of roadway, structures, interchanges and frontage roads along US 41 between Suamico and Abrams  $    7,160,000
Wisconsin ROW acquisition, construction of roadway and structures, widening and realignment of US 10 between Freeport and US 45 including US 10/45 improvements  $  10,500,000
Wisconsin Construction of roadway and structures along SR 29 in vicinity of Chippewa Falls  $  17,800,000
Wisconsin ROW acquisition and construction of roadway and structures, widening and realignment of US 151 between Dickeyville and Dodgeville.  $  19,400,000
Wyoming Review, update and administer the Wyoming ITS/CVO Business Plan within the I-25/I-90 Camino Real Corridor  $       405,000
Updated: 10/20/2015
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