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Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program

FY 2002 Intended Submittals Project Description

Project descriptions for CORBOR grant applications that states are intending to submit are listed below.

Arizona (Lead) w/NV Hoover Dam Bypass. 20,000,000
Arkansas (Lead) w/ IN, KY, TN, MS, LA and TX I-69:  Sarnia and Windsor, Ontario, Canada to Laredo and the Lower Rio Grande Valley (U.S./Mexico Border) - Environmental and Location Studies 23,240,000
Arkansas (Lead) w/ MS I-69:  US 65 - Mississippi Highway 1 (Design, ROW and Construction) 75,000,000
Kentucky (Lead) w/OH Development of a public involvement program to determine logical alternatives to rehabilitate the Bridge, provide additional capacity, review new bridge locations, or a combination of the above. 2,500,000
Maine (Lead) w/NH and VT Reconstruction of US2 ($6M for ME, $5M for NH, $0.5M for VT) and construction of Rest Area/CVO/ITS facility in VT ($4.5M). 16,000,000
Maryland (Lead) w/WV The Appalachian North-South Corridor Project Planning Study from I-68 in Maryland to Corridor H in West Virginia. 3,200,000
Missouri (Lead) w/ KS, MN, IA, OK, TX, IL, ND and SD I-35, I-29 and I-80 Corridors.  Four (4) areas for the development of ITS which includes Institutional Framework Development, Advanced Corridor Information Systems, Integrated Federal and State Systems, and Freight Facility Integration and Interoperability. 12,250,000
Oklahoma (Lead) w/ OK, TX and CO National High Priority Corridor 38:  US 287 Ports-to-Plains 86,500,000
Alabama Additional lanes and relocation of SR-171 and US-43 from Tuscaloosa in Tuscaloosa County to Spruce Pine in Franklin County a distance of approximately 96 miles. 3,516,000
Alabama Anniston Evacuation Corridor:  STPAA-7442, Widening from 2 lanes to 5 lanes along Calhoun County Road 109 from SR-202 to US-431 a distance of 6.2 miles. 2,637,000
Alaska Dalton Highway MP 175-209 Reconstruction. 10,100,000
Alaska Seward and Sterling Highway Corridor Management Plan. 363,900
Alaska Hatcher Pass, Phase 2 MP 18-25, Rehabilitations Paving. 6,367,900
Alaska Municipality of Anchorage, Grade Separated Port Access Ramps. 8,000,000
Arizona Nogales Intelligent Bi-National (CANAMEX) Truck Corridor: Safety, ITS & CVISN 1,000,000
Arizona Nogales Federal-State Southbound Commercial Port 2,500,000
Arizona Douglas Strategic Weigh-Inspection Facility and Commercial Vehicle Access Road (Chino) 2,400,000
Arizona Tucson/Nogales Freight Corridor Study 900,000
Arizona Naco-Bisbee Commercial Vehicle Corridor Improvement 350,000
Arizona San Luis Connector Road to Port of Entry 1,075,000
Arizona San Luis Port of Entry Pre-Design 800,000
Arizona Nogales North-South Inter-connector Study 1,250,000
Arkansas I-55 - Marked Tree Interchanges and Frontage Roads (Right-of-Way and Construction) 34,400,000
Arkansas I-69: Pine Bluff - Highway 278 Connector (I-530 Extension) - Right of Way 7,200,000
Arkansas US 71:  Texarkana - South (Construction) 30,700,000
Arkansas US 71:  Texarkana - DeQueen (Design) 8,000,000
Arkansas US 71:  Alma - Mena (Design and Right-of-Way) 32,000,000
Arkansas US 71:  Bella Vista Bypass (Right-of-Way - Arkansas) 3,200,000
Arkansas US 412:  Springdale Bypass (Design) 4,000,000
Arkansas US 412:  US 65 Interchange (Bear Creek Springs) ROW and Construction 14,400,000
Arkansas US 412:  Mountain Home - Highway 101 (ROW) 8,000,000
Arkansas US 412:  Paragould - Highway 141 Widening and St. Francis River Relief Structures (ROW and Construction) 18,400,000
California Construction of six-lane freeway from I-805 to the Otay Mesa POE. 74,000,000
California Realignment of freeway lanes near the San Ysidro POE to facilitate the efficient movement to cross-border passenger traffic. 35,000,000
California Widening of existing facility to accommodate commercial and passenger traffic from the Calexico East POE to the state highway system. 38,000,000
California Alameda Corridor East - Remaining grade separation project in Phase 1 of the Jump Start Safety improvement portion of the Alameda Corridor-East. 10,000,000
California Continued preliminary engineering for the Orange County Gateway railroad lowering project in northern Orange County: design/hydrology, geology, utility relocation to prepare design-build procedure documents. 5,000,000
California Feasibility study to examine ways to improve operation and reduce delays on the SR 57 and adjacent freeway and identify goods movement and multimodal strategies. 2,000,000
California Study to examine and identify goods movement and multimodal strategies, intermodal linkages, ITS, applications and other safety and mobility enhancements of national and regional economic development. 5,500,000
California Study to develop a multi-purpose intermodal/safety inspection facility at the California / Mexico Border in Calexico. 2,300,000
California Feasibility Study:  Southern California portion of an intermodal and multimodal interstate trade corridor management plan and study bounded by I-5, I-8, I-10, State Route 60 and other major rail and truck corridors. 2,400,000
California Feasibility Study:  Feasibility of implementing the Southern California portion of and intermodal and multimodal interstate trade corridor. 2,400,000
Colorado Replacement of the I-25 viaduct in Denver, over Broadway, light rail transit, and consolidated heavy rail corridor including construction of a new structure, demolition of two existing structures, and reconnection of approaching roadways. 44,469,900
Colorado Complete reconstruction of the Eagleridge Interchange on I-25 at the north edge of Pueblo, including mainline I-25 reconstruction, ramp modification and widening a segment of Eagleridge Blvd. 14,000,000
Colorado 9.1 miles of concrete pavement overlay on US 287 north of Wiley Junction in southeastern Colorado, including intersection and other safety improvements and rehabilitation of major structures. 12,000,000
Colorado Environmental assessment (or perhaps EIS) to address right-of-way preservation and actual corridor improvements on I-25 corridor from State Highway 66 north of Longmont to Wellington in north Front Range area. 3,000,000
Connecticut Design Phase of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge. 14,800,000
Florida Preliminary design for Port of Miami Tunnel. 9,500,000
Florida Preliminary design for I-95, Brevard County (4 lanes to 6 lanes) widening from SR 514 to SR 50. 13,300,000
Florida Preliminary design for I-4/SR 46 Reconfigure interchange in Seminole Co. 3,100,000
Florida Preliminary design for I-95 Volusia County, Systems Interchange from I-4 to US 92. 8,600,000
Florida Preliminary design for I-4, SR 408 to Lee Road, widening by 2 lanes. 40,000,000
Florida Preliminary design for I-4 widening by 2 lanes from US 441 to SR 408, including SR 408 interchange. 111,000,000
Florida Corridor plan for SR 80, LaBelle to US 27. 2,600,000
Florida ROW acquisition and construction of improvements to Capital Circle from the Tallahassee Regional Airport to I-10. 16,000,000
Florida Preliminary engineering construction and construction engineering and inspection for I-95 ITS Phase 3 of the I-95 system, from SR 44 to US 1 in Volusia County. 8,900,000
Florida Preliminary engineering construction and construction engineering and inspection for I-95 ITS Phase 4 of the I-95 system in St. John's County. 23,800,000
Florida Preliminary design for US 301, Widening in Sumter and Marion Counties from Wildwood to just south of Belleview at US 27/441. 3,900,000
Florida Project development and environmental studies for Lake Griffin Bridge from US 441 to CR 44. 2,000,000
Georgia Widening of Georgia's HPC 6 corridor in the immediate vicinity of the Garden City Terminal at the Port of Savannah along SR 307 from Miller Road to SR 21 in Chatham County. 480,000
Georgia Improve access of HPC 6 Corridor is in the immediate vicinity of the Ocean Terminal at the Port of Savannah at the I-16 and I-516 interchange. 400,000
Georgia Safety related to interchange improvements to Georgia's HPC 6 Corridor, located east of Macon at the interchanges of I-16/SR 112 in Bleckley County and I-16/SR 26 in Laurens County. 3,200,000
Georgia Safety related interchange and bridge improvements to HPC 6 corridor, at the interchanges of I-16 with SR 15, SR 56, SR 297 and SR 4 in Emmanuel County. 5,760,000
Georgia Safety related interchange and bridge improvements to HPC 6 corridor located east of Macon at the interchanges of I-16/SR 199 in Laurens County and I-16/SR 29 in Treutlen County. 6,880,000
Georgia Safety related interchange and bridge improvements to HPC 6 corridor located east of Macon at the interchanges of I-16 with SR 338, SR 257 and SR 19 in Laurens County. 10,000,000
Georgia ROW and construction of HPC 6 corridor, located east of Columbus along SR 96 from the Flint River on the Taylor/Crawford County line to Ft. Valley (SR 49) in Peach County. 15,298,400
Idaho Relocation and widening of US-95, Junction Idaho SH-1 Northeast, Milepost (MP) 522-527, Stage 1 Construction Project. 11,675,000
Illinois Construction of Alton Bypass from IL 143 to IL 140, a distance of 6.5 miles. 15,000,000
Illinois Interchange reconstruction and bridge rehabilitation at I-55 (Stevenson Expressway) and Central Avenue. 24,000,000
Indiana Design and ROW acquisition activities for a new East End Bridge across the Ohio River at Louisville, KY. 33,000,000
Indiana Comprehensive corridor planning activities along the future route of I-69 in Southwestern Indiana, between Evansville and Indianapolis, Indiana. 4,400,000
Indiana Upgrade existing alignment to new 4-lane facility on US 24 from 0.7 kilometers east of I-469 to Indiana/Ohio state line. 2,400,000
Indiana Protective land acquisition, preliminary design, and utility relocation from Lafayette to Logansport, Indiana along SR 25. 15,000,000
Iowa To augment previously allocated funding to carry out the North American International Trade Corridor  - ITS/CVO Intelligent Infrastructure Study. 500,000
Iowa Purchase and install three dynamic message signs on I-29 and I-80 in Council Bluffs. 600,000
Iowa Conduct preliminary engineering location studies and EIS document development work on the I-29 and I-80 system reconstruction project in the Council Bluffs metro area. 2,500,000
Iowa Fund the construction of the Iowa 394 - Avenue of the Saints bridge over the Des Moines River between Iowa and Missouri. 6,100,000
Iowa Conduct preliminary engineering, location studies and EIS on the I-29 reconstruction project on the downtown Sioux City segment. 2,000,000
Kansas Preliminary engineering for construction of 4-lane improvement and 3 bypasses on US-54 in Southwest Kansas (East-West Transamerica Corridor) 20,000,000
Kansas Purchase of ROW for reconstruction of I-35 (High Priority Corridor #23) that parallels Turkey Creek in the Kansas City area and movement of the creek channel in cooperation with a U.S. Corp of Engineers' project to reduce flooding. 4,000,000
Louisiana Preliminary and final construction plan preparation, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation, and construction of I-49 in northwestern Louisiana (Caddo Parish). 90,000,000
Louisiana Line and grade studies and environmental studies and documentation for I-69 in north central and northwestern Louisiana (Caddo, Bossier, Webster, and Clairborne Parishes). 2,000,000
Louisiana Line and grade studies, environmental studies and documentation, preliminary and final construction plan preparation, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation, and construction for US-90. 125,000,000
Michigan Construction on roads and bridges approaching the Ambassador Bridge. 10,000,000
Michigan Blue Water Bridge Plaza Study to accommodate customs, immigration, and toll collection. 1,000,000
Michigan Development of a framework for binational; transportation infrastructure decision making for joining projects such as coordinated road improvements at borders. 50,000
Michigan PE for a study of widening of the I-94 bridge over the Black River, adjacent to the Blue Water Bridge to Canada. 2,000,000
Michigan PE for developing a track connection in the northeast quadrate of the West Detroit Junction, track crossing between the Canadian National (CN) Railroad and the Conrail Shared Assets railroad north of the Detroit-Windsor rail tunnel. 500,000
Michigan Design and right of way acquisition for widening a 6.7 mile section of I-94 in the City of Detroit. 10,000,000
Michigan I-94 (Corridor 18) corridor study in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Battle Creek, and Kalamazoo. 350,000
Michigan Design for widening of approximately 6 miles of I-94 in the Kalamazoo/Portage urban area from 4 lanes to 6 lanes including the reconstruction of the I-94/US-131 interchange. 12,000,000
Michigan Interchange improvement to add construction of a new EB I-94 on ramp from Zeeb Road, widen the existing bridge in Washtenaw County. 4,000,000
Michigan Construct a new EB I-94 ramp from Baker Road, widen the existing bridge, accommodate non-motorized transportation options, and improve geometrics and signalization at the existing interchange in Washtenaw County. 4,000,000
Michigan I-69/I-75 Intermodal Project to improve the safety and efficiency including interchange improvements; rail crossing grade separations; border crossing improvements; intermodal freight distribution improvements; and intelligent transportation systems. 4,000,000
Minnesota US 53 from Virginia, MN to Cook, MN:  Expansion from two-lane to four-lane expressway. 11,000,000
Minnesota I-35W from 66th Street to 46th Street:  Reconstruction of interchange with TH 62. 96,800,000
Minnesota I-35 from Iowa Border to 0.1 miles North of I-90.  Unbonded Concrete Overlay. 7,800,000
Mississippi Construction of 4 lanes on new location to Interstate standards extending from Odom Road to I-55 in DeSoto and Tunica Counties, as part of Corridor 18 (I-69). 17,900,000
Mississippi Endorse AR submitted I-69 multistate project. N/A
Mississippi Endorse AR submitted Great River Bridge Project (US 65, I-69) N/A
Mississippi ROW acquisition and construction of 4 lanes on new location or add two lanes to existing facility on portions of Corridor V of the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) from State Route (SR) 9 to an existing interchange (Green Street Interchange) on US 45 at Tupelo. 47,600,000
Missouri U.S. Route 61 (Avenue of the Saints) Iowa Sate line south.  Lewis and Clark Counties.  Preliminary Engineering, ROW and Construction of 4-lane expressway. 23,159,000
Missouri MARC - ITS Study to develop detailed user requirements, project architecture and deployment plans for multimodal ITS applications for inland port development at various locations in the Kansas City region. 750,000
Missouri U.S. Route 71 Arkansas State line north.  Preliminary Engineering, ROW, and Construction of 4-lane expressway. 57,861,000
Missouri U.S. Route 60 Transamerica Corridor.  Preliminary Engineering, ROW, and Construction consisting of grading and paving to add lanes for dual. 37,502,000
Montana Completion of an environmental document and preliminary engineering through final design for the Billings North Bypass. 7,000,000
Nebraska Construction of a 4-lane expressway from Scottsbluff to Minatare on US-26. 6,085,000
Nebraska Deploy changeable message signs on I-80 statewide. 2,000,000
New Jersey Reconstruction of 1.5-mile section of Doremus Avenue and related work (e.g., utility relocation, ROW) as part of the international Intermodal corridor known as the Portway.  Serving Newark and Jersey City, Hudson and Essex Counties, CSX, NS, the Port of Elizabeth, Newark International Airport and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey). 25,050,000
New Mexico Construction of NM 273 (McNutt Road) from Sunland Park to Artcraft Road to provide four-lane access between I-10 and the Santa Teresa Port of Entry. 7,200,000
New Mexico Construction of the Sunland Park Drive Extension of FL6301, which begins at the Texas state line and continues to NM 273. 8,800,000
New York Champlain/I-87 Border Crossing Facility Modernization and Improvements - Construction of the queuing area and primary inspection area expansion, truck staging area, and signage. 4,800,000
New York I-87 International Corridor Study - a comprehensive corridor study of the I-87 corridor from Montreal to NYC. 2,400,000
New York Intergrated ITS/CVO Intermodal Information System - Development of a statewide pilot system to assemble and disseminate commercial vehicle and traveler information. 800,000
New York Continental One - Pennsylvania and New York - an Economic Impact Study to provide a comprehensive analysis of the economic impact provided by the development of this major corridor (US 219). 1,000,000
New York Peace Bridge NEXUS - Implementation of a joint US/Canadian passenger vehicle clearance system. 240,000
New York Peace Bridge WIM - Implementation of a weigh-in-motion technology for US and Canada bound commercial vehicles. 240,000
New York CP Vertical Clearance - Improvements of the CP Main Line from Whitehall to Rouses Point - To accommodate rail growth and double-stacked containers. 2,760,000
New York Peace Bridge Shared Border Initiative - Facilitation of US and Canadian Border Planning Initiatives. 800,000
New York I-86 Chemung County Airport Access Elimination/Replacement - Elimination and replacement of the at-grade intersections at Kalher and Lowe Roads as required for interstate designation. 1,200,000
New York Rochester and Monroe County/Port of Rochester.  Construction of the Customs and Immigrations Inspection Facilities, electronic data interchange equipment and misc. inspection features for Lake Ontario Fast Ferry Service. 5,600,000
New York A framework for improved communications between U.S. and Canada agencies at the Niagara Frontier ($0.225M).  High speed RR infrastructure assessment ($0.300M) 420,000
New York US Route 15 (Future I-99) Pennsylvania State Line to Presho - Final design and real estate acquisition for this planned corridor. 7,590,000
New York New York and Ogdensburg Railway Improvements - Rehabilitating the track, culverts and structures on the 25.4 miles of the New York and Ogdensburg railway. 2,000,000
New York I-87 Corridor Exit 21A New York State Thruway to the Canadian Border - a study to identify the physical requirements, including the engineering feasibility and costs. 200,000
New York Peace Bridge OGA Process Improvements Initiative - study of the approval processes of the Other US Governmental Agencies (OGA) which impact the movement of people and trade across the border. 72,000
New York Expanded Railway Opportunities within the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge Corridor - evaluate the expanded railway opportunities and facilities within the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge Corridor and land side intermodal road/rail facilities. 120,000
New York Stewart Airport Connector Study - a study to assess improvement access to the airport to alleviate congestion at the major NYC metropolitan airports and assess potential for greater international air cargo service. 350,000
New York Niagara Falls International Train Station - Provides for a new international passenger rail station. 8,000,000
New York NY Harbor Rail Freight Tunnel - conduct EIS and Preliminary Design to examine alternatives to enhance cross-harbor freight movements. 2,500,000
New York NYS Thruway's Tandem Lot Relocation in Albany County - Provides for the preliminary design for one or two new tandem truck lots I the vicinity of the I-90 (Thruway) Exits 23 and 24. 2,400,000
New York Gateway JFK:Van Wyck Expressway Corridor - Corridor study of improvement to the Van Wyck Expressway interchanges and access to AirTrain station to facilitate traffic flows to JFK airport. 4,180,000
New York Infrastructure Improvement Study - Study of Niagara County's infrastructure improvements to support international trade and encourage economic redevelopment of the Niagara/Niagara Falls area. 240,000
New York City of Buffalo's Corridor Management Plan - a coordinated comprehensive approach and design treatment for the various transportation corridors in Buffalo area. 8,000,000
North Carolina Construction of a new high rise bridge over the Cape Fear River in the vicinity of the North Carolina State Port in Brunswick and New Hanover Counties. 800,000
North Dakota I-29 Reconstruction Project in Fargo. 10,000,000
Ohio A comprehensive feasibility study regarding the Cleveland Trans-Erie Ferry Service between Cleveland, Ohio and Ontario, Canada. 800,000
Oklahoma National High Priority Corridor 23: I-35 (Construction related work). 212,000,000
Oklahoma National High Priority Corridor 8:  US 412 (Construction related work). 40,400,000
Oregon Right-of-Way Acquisition for the construction of the North and South Medford, Oregon interchanges on Interstate 5 (I-5) 8,000,000
Pennsylvania Construction for MonFayette and/or Southern Beltway Unspecified
Pennsylvania Planning for RAPID agile port system.  Port of Philadelphia & Letterkenny freight facilities. 200,000
Pennsylvania Construction of US Customs and Immigration Facility.  Erie-Western PA Port Authority. 3,000,000
Pennsylvania Corridor Coalition/Coordination to/from Pittsburgh to east coast ports. Unspecified
Pennsylvania Corridor Coalition/Coordination along inland waterways. Unspecified.
Pennsylvania Study of Intermodal transfer area in South Philadelphia. Unspecified.
Pennsylvania Study of alternative transportation routes between the Port of Wilmington, DE and the vicinity of Harrisburg, PA. 200,000
South Carolina Feasibility study of the I-526 port terminal freight corridor in Berkeley and Charleston counties in South Carolina that will integrate freight movements from existing and proposed facilities into the regional transportation planning process. 450,000
South Dakota Reconstruction of I-29 to a 6-lane section plus auxiliary lanes from on-ramp to off ramp.  Russell/Maple Street interchange reconstruction and construction of a new interchange at Benson Road. 27,469,000
South Dakota Construction of an enclosed and heated facility for year-round safety inspection of commercial vehicles at a new port of entry to be built on northbound I-29 near Jefferson, SD (north of Sioux City, Iowa).  The port of entry will also include Electronic Screening and Safety Information Exchange components of the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) program, funded from other sources. 950,000
Tennessee Right-of-Way and Utilities in Obion County on I-69 12,000,000
Texas PE, environmental, ROW and construction of rail bypass and new bridge in Brownsville City to Mexico. 1,600,00
Texas SH 48/FM 511 (Old SH 48 to Drainage ditch D).  Replace bridges and rehabilitate approaches in Pharr County. 500,000
Texas Reconstruct to standards Mile 2 West (Mile 12 North to US 83) in Hildalgo County. 1,200,000
Texas Widen Mile 6 West (SH 107 to US 83) to 4 lanes in Hildalgo County. 6,200,000
Texas Pedestrian, ADA accessibility and intersection improvements for Spur 115 at Bridge Street in McAllen-Hildalgo Bridge. 1,541,000
Texas Reconstruct and widen to 4 lanes FM 1016 extension (Bryan Road to US 83) in Pharr Country. 13,000,000
Texas Pharr/Reyonsa Bridge: Construct truck lane along bridge 4 lanes for north bound traffic, additional inspection booths widening egress area and ITS equipment. 1,920,000
Texas Route study, environmental study and PE at Anzalduas Bridge road (US 83 to Rio Grande) in Mission City. 240,000
Texas Widen Trenton Road (SH 336 to FM 2061) to 4 lanes 500,000
Texas Widen Trenton Road (FM 676 to Ware Road). 1,750,000
Texas Construct 4-lane facility at Bicentennial Blvd (Trenton Road to Nolana Avenue). 2,500,000
Texas Reconstruction of US 281 to Freeway with frontage roads in Pharr County. 5,000,000
Texas Construct interchanges at US 281 (interchanges @ SH 186, FM 490 & FM 162) in Pharr County. 3,000,000
Texas Reconstruct and widen FM 1016 (US 83 - Madero) to 4 lanes in Pharr County. 1,500,000
Texas Reconstruct and widen FM 494 to 4 lanes in Pharr County. 1,250,000
Texas Reconstruct and widen North "I" Road (FM 3461 to FM 495) to 4 lane urban section in Hidalgo County. 2,254,432
Texas Reconstruct and widen South "I" Road (Moore Road to US 281) to 4 lane urban section in Hidalgo County. 3,803,000
Texas Reconstruct and widen McColl Road (Dicker Road to US 281) to 4 lane urban section in Hidalgo County. 1,819,052
Texas Reconstruct and widen Sugar Road (Sioux Road to Owassa Road) to 4 lane urban section. 2,049,264
Texas Construct 4-lane road at Airport Drive (US 83 to Bus 83) in Weslaco City. Not Specified
Texas Construct US 77 interchanges at Bus 77N, FM 3168, FM 490, Sp 112, FM 498, FM 1018, Sp 413 in Pharr County. 5,000,000
Texas Construction of border inspection stations (Eagle Pass II, Laredo-Columbia, El Paso BOTA, Zaragosa, Pharr-Reyonsa, Los Indios, Laredo-World Trade). 25,000,000
Texas Feasibility study (La Entrada al Pacifico) 200,000
Texas Construction of CP&L Road extension and Calton Road separation. 11,000,000
Texas PE, Environmental study, ROW and construction at El Portal Heritage Riverfront Road. 2,300,000
Texas Deployment of ITS technologies.  I-35 NAFTA corridor (Dallas-Fort Worth region). 3,822,000
Texas Construct new INS checkpoint at I-35 north of Laredo. 5,000,000
Texas Identify, assess and eliminate bottlenecks at I-35 NAFTA corridor (Dallas area assumed). 10,640,000
Texas Implement dedicated commuter lane with incidental equipment at Zaragoza POE. 1,600,000
Texas PE and schematics for northbound pedestrian improvements. 400,000
Texas Corridor study (Ascension Road - Montana Avenue to Fabens Cutoff). Not Specified
Texas Expand Sunland Park Drive (Doniphan Dirave to NM SL) to 4 lanes. 1,600,000
Texas Riverbend Road:  Construct 4 lanes, drainage improvements and ADA ramps and bridge over Montoya lateral. 2,750,000
Texas Extend and expand Lee Blvd, phase 2 (Pratt Avenue to Montana Avenue) to 4 lanes. 3,000,000
Texas Reconstruct Santa Fe Streeet (Border Hwy. To Paisano) to state standards. 1,760,000
Texas Reconstruction of Texas Avenue (SH 20 - Campbell St to Cotton St) and new connection to I-10. 4,200,000
Texas Railroad Drive (McCombs to NM SL): Feasibility study to reconstruct and modify alignment to state standards. 5,120,000
Texas Rehabilitate SH 20, Alameda (Piedras Street to Boone Street). 4,878,614
Texas Adding two lanes at US 54 (Van Buren Avenue to Hondo Pass). 13,662,000
Texas Rehabilitation of I-10 Culberson County. 10,000,000
Texas Rehabilitation with improved drainage at US 85, paisano (Sante Fe Street to Campbell Street). 3,158,000
Texas Ramp relocation at I-410 San Antonio. 4,000,000
Texas STARR COUNTY:  Camargo Bridge: Construction of inspections facility, road to US 83 to FM 755. Roma Bridge:  ROW purchase, Security enhancement, bus lane and scales. 2,680,000
Utah Corridor Study and Environmental Impact Statement for I-15 from Kaysville City to 31st Street in Ogden City. 1,500,000
Utah Corridor Study for I-15 from the northern Utah County Line to 100600 South in Salt Lake County. 500,000
Utah Study the feasibility of locating a transportation facility from the I-15  around the West side of Utah Lake in Utah County and into southern Salt Lake County. 1,500,000
Washington Construct the second phase of SR 519, providing improved access to the Port of Seattle and the South Seattle industrial area. 8,800,000
Washington Purchase ROW, for the completion of SR 167 from SR 161 west of Sumner to SR 509 at the Port of Tacoma. 4,700,000
Washington Improve East Marginal Way in Seattle to separate truck traffic from the Union Pacific Harbor Island lead rail tracks, allowing the development of increased "on-dock" rail capacity at two Port of Seattle terminals. 5,300,000
Washington Improve the South Spokane Street Viaduct in Seattle, to include widening, shoulders, and median barrier. 2,700,000
Washington Extend Canyon Road in Pierce County northerly over the BNSF mainline, increasing capacity for roadway freight movement and providing a more direct route in the Port of Tacoma. 2,500,000
Washington Complete design, widening, and re-alignment of commercial vehicle lanes and also improve intersections along SR 543. 12,939,000
Washington Provide preliminary engineering for I-5 and arterial feeder improvements between Bellingham and the Canadian Border. 2,803,000
Washington Widen SR 539 in Lynden, to include ROW acquisition, utility relocation, realignment, and reconstruction to five lanes with a two-way center turn lane. 5,176,000
Washington Reconstruction of the existing British Columbia Highway 15 profile to include one southbound dedicated commuter lane and the required overhead lane use signing. 160,000
Washington Construct a southbound truck staging area to improve British Columbia Highway 11 cross-border operations and reduce delays for southbound traffic into the U.S. 780,000
Washington Construction of a new SR 9 alignment from its current intersection with SR 546 (Badger Road) to the southern boundary of Sumas, WA (Cherry Street). 5,115,000
Washington Analyze the feasibility of a 235-mile Cascade Foothills Corridor from Mission, B.C. across the Canada-U.S. border, along the Cascade foothills to Tenino, WA, where it would intersect I-5 and the Northwest Rail Corridor. 862,600
Washington Perform an access study for modifying theI-5 interchange at milepost 274 in Blaine. 172,520
Washington Construct a northbound truck climbing lane on British Columbia Highway 13 to reduce delay to northbound traffic by providing a separate lane for slow moving vehicles. 500,000
Washington Develop a system to provide pre-approved clearance or advanced driver information to federal border inspection agencies and/or commercial carriers involved with border shipments. 258,780
Washington Add an additional curb lane for use by trucks traveling southbound on B.C. Highway 15. 600,000
Washington Extend the existing southbound PACE lane and park access road lane on British Columbia Highway 99. 235,000
Washington Provide planning for a non-motorized trail system to link the planned Coast Millennium Trail from the U.S. border at Blaine, WA, through Lower Mainland B.C., to Point Roberts, WA. 125,000
Washington Modify the Interstate 5 interchange at Exit 276 to allow for remodeling and expansion of the U.S. port-of-entry facility at Peach Arch. 4,313,000
Washington Develop an institutional framework for a west-coast corridor coalition.  The coalition will coordinate plans for sustained mobility along the west-coast transportation corridor as well as promote a programmed response to corridor planning and development needs in the reauthorization of TEA-21. 180,000
Washington Widen US 395 from Halfmoon Road to Hamilton Road in the vicinity of north Spokane/Deer Park, WA. 15,200,000
Washington North Spokane Corridor effort that includes a number of projects that will link I-90 east of Spokane's Central Business District with US-2 and US-395 north of Spokane city limits. 65,400,000
West Virginia King Coal Highway (I-73/74).  Construct 4-lane highway between Airport Road and John Nash Blvd., in Mercer County.  42,400,000
West Virginia Coalfields Expressway.  Construct 4-lane highway and Coalfields Expressway/King Coal Hwy interchange in McDowell County (1.5 miles).  26,000,000
West Virginia TOLSIA Highway (I-73/74).  Construct 4-lane highway in Wayne County:  14 projects totaling 18.5 miles with total construction cost ranging from $6.7 to $29.5 million ($321 million total) 256,800,000
West Virginia Mon/Fayette Expressway.  Construct Morgans Run Bridge and 4-lane highway in Monongalia County  13,840,000
West Virginia Mon/Fayette Expressway.  Construct 4-lane highway between CR 69/17 and CR 88/3 in Monongalia County  30,000,000
West Virginia Mon/Fayette Expressway.  Construct remainder of 4-lane highway: 4 projects totaling 1.9 miles)  39,840,000
West Virginia WV10.  Construct 4-lane highway between Rita and Taplin: 2 projects totaling 1.1 miles 28,480,000
West Virginia WV-10.  Construct 4-lane highway between Taplin and Man: 3 projects totaling 1.1 miles 40,800,000
Wisconsin I-794 Hoan Bridge, Milwaukee - Design and construction to replace damaged portions of the northbound span and retrofit superstructure elements. 14,000,000
Wisconsin STH 29 between Chippewa Falls and I-94 - ROW acquisition and construction of roadway and structures. 26,400,000
Wisconsin US 10 between Freemont and US 41 - RPOW acquisition and construction of roadway structures. 31,500,000
Wisconsin US 10 between Stevens Point and Waupaca - ROW acquisition and construction of roadway and structures. 10,500,000
Wisconsin ROW acquisition and construction of safety and weight facility and reconstruction of County Highway ML bridge over I-94, $9.4 million US 151 between Dickeyville and Dodgeville. 9,400,000
Wisconsin US 151 between Dickeyville and Dodgeville - ROW acquisition and construction of roadway and structures. 34,800,000
Updated: 10/20/2015
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