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Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program

FY 2002 Designated Projects of the House of Representatives

The following is not a final listing. It may change after the House-Senate Conference and may be affected by other portions of legislation. This listing is for informational purposes only.

From House Report 107-108 accompanying H.R. 2299 "Making appropriations for the Department of Transportation and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2002, and for other purposes." June 22, 2001

Funds provided for the national corridor planning and border infrastructure programs in fiscal year 2002 shall be available for the following activities in the corresponding amounts:

$ Amount
Memphis-Huntsville-Atlanta Highway preliminary engineering and construction, Alabama 1,000,000
Phoenix Ave. Improvements and Airport Access Construction, Arkansas 1,750,000
I-69 Connector from I-530 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas 4,000,000
Highway 71 Texarkana South, Arkansas 7,000,000
Bristol/First Street intersection Santa Ana, California 750,000
St. Rt. 905 Phase I, California 4,000,000
Arizona 95 to I-40 Connector, California 1,650,000
Alameda Corridor-East, ACE Project, California 1,000,000
I-84 Exit 6/Route 37 interchange, Connecticut 2,300,000
I-4 Crosstown Expressway Connector, Florida 1,000,000
US 19, Florida 20,000,000
New Boston Road (a segment of National Great River Road), Illinois 1,000,000
Outer Belt Connector, Kendall & Kane Counties, Illinois 14,955,000
Hoosier Heartland Industrial Corridor Lafayette to Logansport, Indiana 1,000,000
Railroad Avenue Underpass East Chicago, Indiana 2,500,000
Wichita South Area Transportation study, Kansas 1,000,000
U.S. Highway 54, Kansas 4,000,000
Heartland Parkway/Highway 55, Kentucky 500,000
Highway 61 Green County between Greensburg and Columbia, Kentucky 250,000
Highway 231 Glover Carey Bridge and Owensboro intersection, Kentucky 1,000,000
KY 1848 from I-64 to U.S. 60, Kentucky 320,000
US 25 North to Renfro Valley, Kentucky 2,000,000
I-66, Phase II Design, Kentucky 2,500,000
US 27 Burnside, Kentucky 800,000
Hwy 92 Whitley County, Kentucky 300,000
I-175 Feasibility and Planning Study, Kentucky 2,400,000
Clay/Leslie Industrial Park Access, Kentucky 4,000,000
Monticello Street Underpass, Kentucky 1,000,000
US-41A, Kentucky 100,000
Pennyrile Parkway, Kentucky 1,000,000
Route 116 between Ashfield and Conway, Massachusetts 2,500,000
Route 2 Bypass and Safety Improvements, Erving, Massachusetts 3,000,000
U.S. Highway 212 Hennepin County, Minnesota 1,000,000
Falls to the Falls Corridor, Cook, Minnesota 3,000,000
I-69 on SIU 11 along U.S. 61, Mississippi 1,000,000
MS Highway 44/Pearl River Bridge Extension Project, Mississippi 2,000,000
North/South Corridor Protection, North Carolina 1,000,000
I-87 Corridor Study, New York 2,000,000
Stewart Airport Connector Study, New York 350,000
New York Harbor Rail Freight Tunnel, New York 2,000,000
U.S. 24 Corridor Improvement Study between Toledo, Ohio and Indiana 2,500,000
Cleveland Trans-Erie Ferry service, Ohio 300,000
US 412 Overpass at 1-44, Oklahoma 1,500,000
Continental 1, Pennsylvania and New York 1,000,000
SC Route 38/I-95 Interchange, South Carolina 1,500,000
Ports-to-Plains Corridor Development Management Plan, Texas 2,000,000
I-69 Corridors 18 and 20, Texas 1,250,000
I-35 Expansion, Hill County, Texas 2,000,000
Freeport Business Center Off Ramp, Texas 1,000,000
FM 1016 from U.S. 83 to Madero, Texas 1,000,000
I-35 Replacement Bridge, Dallas County, Texas 1,000,000
Route 340/522 Bridge Replacement, Virginia 100,000
Route 669 Bridge Widening, Virginia 500,000
FAST Corridor Project, Washington 1,000,000
41st Street Overcrossing, Washington 1,425,000
US 395 Spokane Corridor Project, Washington 1,650,000
USH 10 between Stevens Point & Waupaca, Wisconsin 4,000,000
STH 29 between 1-94 and CTH J, Wisconsin 10,000,000
Route 10 in Logan County, West Virginia 2,000,000
US Route 15 (Future I-99), New York 1,000,000
Exit 6 of I-95, Pennsylvania 350,000
Updated: 10/20/2015
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