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Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program

FY 2002 Designated Projects of the Senate

The following is not a final listing. It may change after the House-Senate Conference and may be affected by other portions of legislation. This listing is for informational purposes only.

From Senate Report 107-38 accompanying S. 1178 "Making appropriations for the Department of Transportation and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2002, and for other purposes." June 13, 2001

National corridor planning and border infrastructure programs.

TEA21 created a national corridor planning and development program that identifies funds for planning, design, and construction of highway corridors of national significance, economic growth, and international or interregional trade. Allocations may be made to corridors identified in section 1105(c) of ISTEA and to other corridors using considerations outlined in legislation. The coordinated border infrastructure program is established to improve the safe movement of people and goods at or across the U.S./Mexico and U.S/Canada borders.

Project Amount ($)
Alameda corridor east construction project, California 5,000,000
Border Inspection Stations 56,300,000
Coalfields Expressway, West Virginia 16,000,000
Cross-Harbor Freight Tunnel EIS, New York 5,000,000
East-West Highway, Maine 5,000,000
Everett Development, 41st Street Overpass project, Washington 1,500,000
FAST Corridor, Tacoma to Everett, Washington 20,000,000
Highway 20 Freeport bypass review, design, & engineering, Illinois 1,100,000
Highway 61, Ave. of the Saints interchange, Moscow Mills, Missouri 3,000,000
I–29 construction from Exit 81 North to South of I–90 at Sioux Falls, South Dakota 14,000,000
I–49 South from Lafayette east to Westbank, Louisiana 17,181,000
I–5 Trade Corridor, Oregon 6,000,000
I–69 Great River Bridge, Arkansas 10,000,000
I–69 construction Odom Road to I–55, Mississippi 12,000,000
I–69 corridor, Louisiana 12,000,000
I–69 Evansville to Indianapolis, Indiana 5,000,000
I–85 extension to I–59/20, Alabama 5,000,000
I–90/94 new by-pass to Highway 3 EIS, Montana 5,000,000
I–905 Otay Mesa Border Port of Entry, California 10,000,000
King Coal Highway, West Virginia 20,000,000
North/South transitway Charlotte/Mecklenburg, North Carolina 5,000,000
Northern Border Cascadia Program of Projects, Washington 3,500,000
Route 10, West Virginia 15,000,000
Route 71 McDonald County, Missouri 8,000,000
SR–67 between I–110 & US–49, Mississippi 12,000,000
State border safety inspection facilities, Texas 15,000,000
Tuscaloosa Eastern Bypass from I–59 to Rice Mine Road, Alabama 20,000,000
US–15 expansion from Pennsylvania to Presho, New York 4,000,000
US–151 expansion Dickeyville & Dodgeville, Wisconsin 6,000,000
US–2 planning & construction, New Hampshire 1,500,000
US–278 Beaufort County widening project, South Carolina 6,000,000
US–395 North Spokane Corridor, Washington 7,000,000
US–49—I–55 flyover, Mississippi 3,000,000
US–63 improvements for Corridor 39, Arkansas 18,000,000
US–64/87 Ports-to-Plains corridor study, New Mexico 1,000,000
US–95 improvements Milepost 522 to Canadian boarder, Idaho 12,600,000
Yakima Grade Separation Program of Projects, Washington 4,000,000
Updated: 10/20/2015
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