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Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program

The Pre-Arrival Processing System

Save time with the Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS). Here's how the system works; while goods are still in Canada:

  1. The carrier affixes a unique bar code to each commercial invoice and truck manifest.
  2. The bar coded invoice(s) are then faxed to the appropriate U.S. Customs Broker.
  3. The U.S. Customs Broker prepares a Border Cargo Selectivity (BCS) entry in the U.S. Customs Automated Commercial System (ACS).
  4. The carrier then proceeds to the U.S. border with the bar coded invoice(s) and manifest. At the U.S. Customs Primary truck booth the Inspector wands the bar code with a light pen. The Inspector then has the ability to make a release determination at the primary booth. A "No Exam" notice allows the carrier smooth travel into the United States.

Save time with the Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS). Here's how the system works; while goods are still in Canada

PAPS processing is now available to all carriers crossing the Peace Bridge into the United States. Please contact U.S. Customs Commercial Warehouse at (716) 881-4447, ext. 131 to learn how to register with PAPS or visit to download an application.

Benefits to Carriers

Prepared Vs. Unprepared Carriers

Prepared Carriers Unprepared Carriers
Line Release, Empties, In-transits, Pre-processed shipments.

proceed to USA
All others and Information., Enter CVPC
Prepared Carriers including Empties, Line Release, In-Transits and Pre-Processed shipments (PAPS Bar Codes) - will proceed across the Peace Bridge to the United States.

With U.S. Customs paperwork in order, prepared carriers and drivers and proceed directly to the United States WITHOUT DELAY. Upon arriving at primary inspection, the driver presents completed paperwork, with bar codes, to the Customs inspector and is processed. No waiting behind others with unprepared paperwork.

Unprepared Carriers including those with incomplete paperwork, or who HAVE NOT faxed their bar coded invoices to their U.S. Customs Broker - will be directed into the CVPC compound.

Unprepared Carriers Face Long Waits Without Pre-Arrival Processing. Unprepared carriers are directed into the CVPC staging area. Once inside, the truck is parked, the driver delivers their necessary paperwork into the CVPC and waits for Peace Bridge Officials to affix bar codes to the invoices and fax paperwork to the U.S. Customs Broker.

Updated: 10/20/2015
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