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Aerial photo of the U.S. - Mexico border crossing Calexico East Port of Entry between Calexico, California and Mexicali, Baja California

Calexico East Port of Entry between Calexico, California and Mexicali, Baja California. (Source: FHWA)

2000 Memorandum of Understanding

On October 12, 2000 former U.S. DOT Secretary Slater and former Mexican SCT Secretary Ruiz signed a Memorandum of Understanding reinforcing the importance of the JWC. The 2000 MOU identified nine work topics:

1994 Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding on the Planning Process for Land Transport on Each Side of the Border
This Memorandum of Understanding articulated the common interest between Mexico and the United States in promoting a joint planning process for the U.S. - Mexico border and was signed at the "NAFTA Transportation Summit" held in Washington, D.C., April 29, 1994 by representatives from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation. The MOU created the Joint Working Committee (JWC) to "analyze, develop, and coordinate border transportation plans and programs reflecting the needs of both countries." While this MOU does address the need for enhanced communication, coordination, advice, and consensus among the entities on both sides of the border, it does not authorize the JWC to make decisions or direct transportation, planning, programming, operations, or any other aspect currently performed by U.S. and Mexican federal, state, and local government agencies.

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