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United States-Mexico Land Ports of Entry Emissions and Border Wait-Time White Paper and Analysis Template

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United States-Mexico Land Ports of Entry Emissions and Border Wait-Time White Paper and Analysis Template

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November 2012

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Thomas P. Kear, Ph.D., P.E., James H. Wilson, and James J. Corbett, Ph.D.

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Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
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Energy and Environmental Research Associates
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Federal Highway Administration
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Final Report

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FHWA Task Manager (COTR), Sylvia Grijalva

16. Abstract

This report summarizes background research and presents an analysis template for analyzing the emissions from vehicle delay at land ports of entry along the United States-Mexico border. The analyses template is presented along with two case studies. Results from the case studies identify candidate best practices and performance measures for use as an input during the initial phases of development for projects that alter the border infrastructure or the operational characteristics of the ports of entry. A set of operating mode distributions and average speed data for use with emission factor modes such as MOVES, EMFAC, or MOBILE is developed based on a detailed microsimulation analysis of the Bridge of the Americas and the Ysleta-Zaragoza port of entry. Vehicle activity is assigned to either uncongested movements or queues, with queues further broken down to stop-and-go queues or creeping queues. This breakout of the emissions and vehicle activity is then used to analysis specific case studies to add users in extending the analysis template to their own analysis needs. Background research is available separately.

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Land port of entry, border crossing delay, border crossing emissions, MOVES, EMFAC, MOBILE

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