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CTPP using ACS 2006-2010 (5-YEAR Summary)

Format of Summary Levels for the CTPP 2006-2010 5-Year Special Tab

This information was superseded in May 2013.

SumLvl DescriptionGEOID VariablesFormat
C01 CTPP - United States C01nnUS
C02 CTPP - StatestC02nnUSss
C03 CTPP - State-Countyst/ctyC0300USssccc
C04 CTPP - StateCounty-County Subdivisionst/cty/fipsmcdC0400USsscccmmmmm
C05 CTPP - State-Placest/plC0500USssppppp
C07 CTPP - Metropolitan Statistical AreacbsaC0700USbbbbb
C08 CTPP - Metropolitan Statistical Area-State-Principal Citycbsa/st/fipsplC0800USbbbbbssppppp
C09 CTPP - State-Public Use Microdata Sample Area (PUMA)bst/puma5C0900USssuuuuu
C10 CTPP- State-County-Tractst/cty/trC1000USssccctttttt
C11 CTPP- State-County-TADst/cty/tadC1100USsscccdddddddd
C12 CTPP- State-County-TAZst/cty/tazC1200USssccczzzzzzzz
C13 Urbanized Area (UA)UAC1300USbbbbb
C21 CTPP Place of Work - United States C21nnUS
C22 CTPP Place of Work - StatestC22nnUSsss
C23 CTPP Place of Work - State-Countyst/ctyC2300USsssccc
C24 CTPP Place of Work - Minor Civil Divisionst/cty/fipsmcdC2400USssscccmmmmm
C25 CTPP Place of Work - State-Placest/powpC2500USsssppppp
C27 CTPP Place of Work - Metropolitan Statistical AreacbsaC2700USbbbbb
C28 CTPP Place of Work - Metropolitan Statistical Area-State-Principal Citycbsa/st/fipsplC2800USbbbbbssppppp
C29 CTPP Place of Work - State-POW Public Use Microdata Sample Areabst/powpumaC2900USsssuuuuu
C30 CTPP Place of Work - Outside United StatespowsrC3000USr
C31 CTPP- State-County-Tractst/cty/trC3100USsssccctttttt
C32 CTPP- State-County-TADst/cty/tadC3200USssscccdddddddd
C33 CTPP- State-County-TAZst/cty/tazC3300USsssccczzzzzzzz
C42 CTPP Flow - State-to-Statest/stC4200USsssss
C43 CTPP Flow - County-to-Countyst/cty/st/ctyC4300USsscccsssccc
C44 CTPP Flow - MCD-to-MCDst/cty/fipsmcd/st/cty/fipsmcdC4400USsscccmmmmmssscccmmmmm
C45 CTPP Flow - Place-to-Placest/fipspl/st/fipsplC4500USsspppppsssppppp
C48 CTPP Flow - Metro Area-State-Principal City- to Metro Area-State-Principal Citycbsa/st/fipspl/cbsa/st/fipsplC4800USbbbbbsspppppbbbbbssppppp
C49 CTPP Flow - PUMA- to -POW PUMAbst/puma5/bst/powpumaC4900USssuuuuussuuuuu
C51 CTPP Flow - County-to-Placest/cty/st/fipsplC5100USsscccssppppp
C52 CTPP Flow - MCD-to-Placest/cty/fipsmcd/st/fipsplC5200USsscccmmmmmssppppp
C53 CTPP Flow - PUMA-to-Placebst/puma5/st/fipsplC5300USssuuuuussppppp
C54 CTPP Flow- Tract-to-Tractst/cty/tr/st/cty/trC5400USssscccttttttsssccctttttt
C55 CTPP Flow- TAD-to-TADtad/tadC5500USdddddddddddddddd
C56 CTPP Flow- TAZ-to-TAZtaz/tazC6000USzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
C57 CTPP Flow- TAD-to-TAZtad/tazC6100USddddddddzzzzzzzz
C58 CTPP Flow- TAZ-to-TADtaz/tadC5900USzzzzzzzzdddddddd
C59 CTPP Flow- Place-to-TAZst/powp/tazC5600USsspppppzzzzzzzz
C60 CTPP Flow- TAZ-to-Placetaz/st/powpC5700USzzzzzzzzssppppp
* "nn" is geo-component number, as defined in the CTPP spec (see codes below). For many summary levels (for example, C03), we do not produce components, so a "00" is always placed there.
* The various letters in the "Format" column refer to each type of geography. For example, for summary level C03, after the "US", the next two characters show the state and the next three show the county. The letters are the same for both residence and place of work geographies, including 'u' for PUMAs and POWPUMAs.
* 's' refers to state, 'c' refers to county, 'm' refers to MCD, 'p' refers to place, 'b' refers to CBSA, 'z' refers to TAZ, 'd' refers to TAD, 'b' refers to urbanized area, 'u' refers to a PUMA, and 'r' refers to areas outside the United States (states & D.C.)

Geographic Components
00Not a geographic component 
A0In metropolitan or micropolitan statistical areaMEMI IN ('1','2')
G0Not in metropolitan or micropolitan statistical areaMEMI='9'
C0In metropolitan statistical areaMEMI='1'
C1In metropolitan statistical area-in principal cityMEMI='1' AND PCI='Y'
C2In metropolitan statistical area-not in principal cityMEMI='1' AND PCI='N'
H0Not in metropolitan statistical areaMEMI IN ('2','9')
E0In micropolitan statistical areaMEMI='2'
E1In micropolitan statistical area-in principal cityMEMI='2' AND PCI='Y'
E2In micropolitan statistical area-not in principal cityMEMI='2' AND PCI='N'
Updated: 5/14/2013
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