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What is the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP)?

"During the time that I served as a Council Member and Mayor of the City of San Jose, California, and then as a member of Congress and in the private sector, I have seen time and time again the power of transportation to serve as an engine for economic growth in our neighborhoods and our communities across the country, and for improving the quality of life. Sound data is critical to the task of allowing us to harness the power of transportation to achieve our goals."

Norman Mineta
Secretary of Transportation

The most current information about the value and uses of the CTPP data can be found in the CTPP Status Report.

What is the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP)?

Accurate and Comprehensive Data | Analyze Existing Conditions
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Informed decision making

The Census Transportation Planning Package 2000 (CTPP 2000) can provide your organization with accurate and comprehensive data it needs to make informed decisions. CTPP provides tabulations of households, persons and workers. It summarizes information by place of residence, by place of work, and for worker-flows between home and work.

CTPP 2000 is a set of special tabulations from the decennial census designed for transportation planners. The data are tabulated from answers to the Census 2000 long form questionnaire, mailed to one in six U.S. households. Because of the large sample size, the data are reliable and accurate. CTPP provides comprehensive and cost-effective data, in a standard format, across the United States.

Transportation planners use CTPP data to:

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Updated: 5/3/2011
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