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Long-Range Planning

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"The Central Transportation Planning Staff of the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization relies on CTPP data for transit service planning. For example, in feasibility studies for various commuter rail extensions, ridership models are developed using journey-to-work data to predict future use of potential rail lines. Market analysts for bus corridor studies also make extensive use of CTPP data."

Paul Reim
Central Transportation Planning Staff, the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization
Boston, MA

The most current information about the value and uses of the CTPP data can be found in the CTPP Status Report.

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Long-Range Planning | Application Examples

CTPP Helps You Plan the Future

CTPP is an extremely useful source of data to design, build, and calibrate travel demand forecasting models.

The commuter flows are a great source of data to validate home-based work trip tables.

Accurate measures of persons, workers, and households by socio-economic characteristics, such as income and vehicle ownership, provide primary building blocks for trip generation models.

The time-of-day, trip length, and travel time information can be used to calibrate trip distribution relationships.

The distribution of modes used by workers for travel between specific geographic areas provides a wealth of information for calibrating and validating mode choice models.

Travel demand forecasts developed with CTPP data are prime inputs into vehicle emissions forecasts. These emissions forecasts are required for compliance with the Clean Air Act.

Updated: 10/20/2015
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