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CTPP Data Products

CTPP 2000 Data Products

CAUTION! Table 1-080 in CTPP 2000 Part 1 is mislabeled!

In Table 1-080, the race and Hispanic origin dimensions are in the wrong order.

If you download the Table 1-080 from The BTS TranStats web site, please use this description for variable labels.

If you use the CTPP access software, please download the MS Excel sheet. Rows 4,5,6, have the correct headers. Please export the table as you see in the software, and then cut and paste correct headers instead of what is shown by the software.

CTPP 2000: Part 1 (Residence Tables)
CTPP 2000: Part 2 (Place of Work Tables)
CTPP 2000: Part 3 (Journey-to-Work Flow Tables)

We have shifted from the mailed CDs to the data downloads from the BTS bookstore. Please go to the BTS bookstore and type "CTPP" in the search box. You will find CTPP2000 CDs are available to download. The CD-ROM version comes with the CTPP Access Tool (CAT) which allows you to browse tables, combine cells, make simple maps and export to different file format. This requires software installation on your desktop PC.

ON-LINE (Web-access) is via the: BTS TranStats web site To find the CTPP data, select "highway" in the left-hand column, and then find CTPP2000. Data are available in both .csv and flat ASCII format. (Note: 1990 CTPP data are also available).

Please see the April 2005 CTPP Status Report article by Nanda Srinivasan on accessing the CSV files on TranStats. 

Special Notes

CTPP 2000 Part 2

CTPP 2000 Part 3


Home-to-work Flows

CTPP 2000 National Tabulations

Journey-to-Work Trends

CTPP 2000 User Guides

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