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Proposed Means of Transportation To Work Revised Options and Collapsing Schema CTPP

March 12, 2009

10 Categories6 Categories5 Categories3 Categories
Drove Alone Drove AloneDrove AloneDrove Alone
Carpool 2 Carpool 2 +Carpool 2Carpool 2+
Carpool 3 + Carpool 3+
Bus Public TransportationPublic Transportation, Bike, Walk, Taxi, Motorcycle and Other MethodPublic Transportation, Bike, Walk, Taxi, Motorcycle, Other Method and Worked At Home
Streetcar, Subway Elevated
Railroad, Ferry
Bicycle Bike and Walk
Taxi, Motorcycle, Other Method Taxi, Motorcycle
Other Method
Worked at Home Worked at HomeWorked at Home


  1. In the CTPP tables, these versions end up with +1 for the Total line, so that the 10 category version is called Means11, 6 becomes Means7, 5 becomes Means6 and 3 becomes Means4.
  2. Different collapsing structures were defined to the probability of data suppression. Some areas with little or no public transit would prefer to have carpooling 2 and Carpooling 3+ separate.
  3. In the CB Table naming, C stands for 6 categories, C2 for 5 categories and C3 for 3 categories. For example:

    Table 13211: Table with 10 categories Means of Transportation to Work
    Table 13211C: Table with 6 categories Means of Transportation to Work
    Table 13211C2: Table with 5 categories Means of Transportation to Work
    Table 13211C3: Table with 3 categories Means of Transportation to Work

  4. There are a few tables that use Means18 (full 17 categories + total). This is mainly for the Univariate tables, and some of the travel time x means of transportation crosstabs. In the latter case, the collapses with Means18 are suffixed with "C0", e.g. 12228C0. Please refer below for a full list of 18 categories.
18 Categories
Total, means of transportation
Car, truck or van – Drove alone
Car, truck, or van – In a 2-person carpool
Car, truck, or van – In a 3-person carpool
Car, truck, or van – In a 4-person carpool
Car, truck, or van – In a 5-or-6-person carpool
Car, truck or van – In a 7-or-more-person carpool
Bus or trolley bus
Streetcar or trolley car
Subway or elevated
Other means
Worked at home
Updated: 5/6/2011
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