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CTPP 2000 National Tabulations

Record Types, Geographic Fields and Codes, and Record Counts

Part 2 -- Data by Place of Work (see note regarding data tabulation error)

Geography Codes appearing in geographic fields Record Count
Place of Work
Record Type
Central City Status-
2000 Metro. Defs.
Place of Work
Central City Status-
1980 Metro. Defs.
U.S. Total 1 blank blank blank blank 1
U.S. Total by POW central city status-2000 metro. defs. (powccs_00) 2 0, 1, 2, or 3 blank blank blank 4
POW State (999 = worked outside the U.S.) 3 blank 001 - 056, 999 blank blank 52
POW State by POW central city status-2000 metro. defs. (powccs_00) 4 0, 1, 2, or 3 001 - 056, 999 blank blank 150
POW Metropolitan status/rank/size (powmetro) 5 blank blank 0 - 53 blank 54
POW Metropolitan status/rank/size (powmetro) by powccs_00 6 0, 1, 2, or 3 blank 0 - 53 blank 110
U.S. Total by POW central city status-1980 metro. defs. (powccs_80) 7 blank blank blank 0, 1, 2, or 3 4
Total number of records: 375

Blank means the geographic field is not applicable for that record type and the data field is empty.

1/Codes: 0 = worked outside the U.S., 1 = worked in central city of metropolitan area, 2 = worked in remainder of metropolitan area, 3 = worked in nonmetropolitan area.

2/See "List of Metropolitan Status/Rank/Size Codes" for documentation of codes.

Note: There is a known tabulation error in the CTPP National Part 2 tables. In record types 5 and 6, a total of 565,990 workers are incorrectly tabulated as working outside metropolitan areas. For record type 5 this makes the number of workers with powmetro code of zero equal to 22,565,015. The correct number is 21,999,025 of which 110,300 work outside the U.S. and 21,888,725 work in nonmetropolitan areas. For record type 6 the erroneous records have a value of 1 (13,490 workers) or 2 (552,500 workers) on powccs_00, in conjunction with a powmetro value of 0. See the file "CTPP National Part 2 Data Error.xls" for an estimate of the error for each powmetro category. The total error shown on that worksheet is slightly less (560,160) because the main CTPP data have been summed from individually rounded metropolitan area data, rather than tallied and rounded once as in the National.

Updated: 5/6/2011
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