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Errors in Part 3 Tables on the CD-ROM Version

We discovered a problem with CTPP Part 3 for Mean and Median tables in the CTPP browser software. The specific tables affected are:

Please do not access these tables using the original CD-ROM/DVD version (issued before September 2005). Corrections to these tables were mailed to all MPOs and States between October - December 2005. If you ordered a CD-ROM/DVD using the RITA/BTS website before December 2005, a correction CD-ROM will be mailed to you. If you ordered a Part 3 CD-ROM/DVD after December 1 2005, you will automatically be mailed the corrections together with the original CD-ROM/DVD.

ASCII or CSV versions of the data are also available from the Transtats website, and are not affected by these errors.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elaine Murakami at or 206-220-4460.

Error in CAT household income labels for some variables in Parts 1, 2, and 3

An error has been discovered in some income category labels being used in the CAT software, affecting data in the browser for all three Parts of the CTPP. The data have been tabulated according to the labels shown in Appendix F of the CTPP documentation, but the CAT browser software is using labels that show some incorrect income category breaks. The most detailed household income variable (with 26 categories) is correct and not affected by the error.

The variables affected are:

The Part 3 correction CDs that we will distribute in October will contain new versions of tables 5 and 7 with corrected household income labels for those two tables. However, we will not be producing corrected versions of the Part 1 or Part 2 tables that contain erroneous income category labels in the CAT software.

The correct household income labels may be found in Appendix F of the CTPP documentation and are also shown below. The labels preceded with asterisks below are correct and should be substituted for the incorrect labels provided in the browser.

Household income in 1999 (11)
Total, Household income in 1999 (11)
Less than $10,000
$125,000 or more

Household Income in 1999 (9)
Total, Household income in 1999 (9)
Less than $15,000
$100,000 or more

Household Income in 1999 (5)
Total, Household income in 1999 (5)
***Less than $30,000
$75,000 or more

Updated: 5/6/2011
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