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CTPP 2006-2010 Data Access Software Self Tutorial - Part 2 - Workplace

(March 7, 2014)

Example: I want to get Total Workers by Industry at workplace for all tracts in Cumberland, PA

Table Used in this example:

A202104 Industry (15) (Workers 16 years and over) (Universe: Workplace: Workers 16 years and over )

1. Open CTPP software web page and Sign In (or Register) (

Figure 1 - Description: This is CTPP 2006-2010 data access software sign in and register page (

Figure 1

2. Geography Selection Process.


Figure 2 - Description: This image shows the first step for the geography selection.

Figure 2

b. Click State-County-Tract then click Clear Full Selection on the top right corner of the following page.

Figure 3 - Description: Click Clear Full Selection on the top right corner of the following page then click State-County-Tract to proceed the next step.

Figure 3

c. Click Selection map tab.

Figure 4 - Description: This image enables the map selection for workplace geography.

Figure 4

d. Select POW County under ZOOM TO on the top right corner.

Figure 5 - Description: Place of work (POW) at County level query is selected in this image.

Figure 5

e. Check the box next to Automatically highlight pow state-county-tract. Type Cumberland in the input box and select Cumberland County, Pennsylvania from the list.

Figure 6 - Description: Following the previous step that County level is selected, this image shows a specific county is selected.

Figure 6

f. Click Add all highlighted POW State-County-Tract(s) to selection on the top right corner.

Figure 7 - Description: The selected area is highlighted in the map.

Figure 7

g. Click Save selection set and type the set name in the input box Set name (shown on the Figure 8 bottom). Click OK.

Figure 8 - Description: These two windows show where to type the name of the selection set after clicking on saving the selection set.

Figure 8

3. Click Show CTPP Tables on the top right corner of the following page.

Figure 9 - Description: This window shows how to go back to the CTPP full table list.

Figure 9

4. Select Part 2: Workplace option.

Figure 10 - Description: This image indicates all three parts of CTPP and the CTPP Part 2: Workplace will be selected.

Figure 10

5. Select Workplace: Workers 16 years and over option.

Figure11 - Description: This image shows all available universes for CTPP Part 2 data and Workplace: Workers 16 years and over will be selected.

Figure 11

6. Select Workplace: Workers 16 years and over - Set A (from microdata) option.

Figure 12 - Description: This image shows that Set A and Set B tables are available. Set A (from microdata) will be selected.

Figure 12

7. Select A202104 - Industry (15) (Workers 16 years and over) option.

Figure 13 - Description: Table A202104 Industry (15) (Workers 16 years and over) will be selected.

Figure 13

8. Select Save table view as on the following page.

Figure 14 - Description: This image shows how a queried table can be saved.

Figure 14

9. Type the Report Name in the input box and click OK.

Figure 15 - Description: This image shows where to type a queried table title.

Figure 15

10. Click Download table data on the following page to download the data.

Figure 16 - Description: This image shows data downloading option is available.

Figure 16

11. Select format of the file that is desired to be saved as.

Figure 16 - Description: This image shows how the queried table can be downloaded to different data format.

Figure 17

12. Going back to the report page and clicking Map leads to the map view of the data.

Figure 18 - Description: This image explains how to launch a map to visualize the data.

Figure 18

13. In the ADD THEMATIC ANALYSIS window, select Foreground - Pie Chart from the drop down list in SHOW USING. Choose Transportation, Finance, Professional, Educational and Public administration (Hold Ctrl key to select multiple items) from the list under VARIABLES and click OK.

Figure 19 - Description: This image details symbology options available in the software.

Figure 19

14. The results are shown as pie charts in the map. Mouse over individual tract to show the details information for each tract.

Figure 20 - Description: The image shows the pie-chart map.

Figure 20

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