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LEHD Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics

Presentation by Elaine Murakam

Longitudinal Employer Household Dynamics
U.S. Census Bureau and
U.S. Dept of Labor/ETA program
Elaine Murakami
FHWA Office of Planning
May 2007


Data Sources for Transportation Planning

Source Number of MPOs % of MPOs responding
Decennial Census13891%
Travel Surveys2114%
State employment data1711%23%
MPO employment data139%
Commercial Employment Data43%

Different universes between Decennial Census/ACS and LEHD

Private not-for-profit 7%; Government 15%; Self-employed 10%; Private for-profit 68%

Different timeframes between Decennial Census/ACS and LEHD

Decennial Census + ACS LEHD
Point in time, from sample survey Survey form allows only one answer.Accumulation of quarterly records in a calendar year Individuals can have many different employers.
Currently using Census 2000 for small area home-to-work flowsNew addition of 2004 data. Test of 2002/2003 data.

Common sources of error that affect all home-to-work results

LEHD Chart

Flow Chart: Top row 3 ovals, Censuses, Surveys, Administrative Records. Middle rectangle: Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics Program (LEHD). Bottom row 3 rectangles: Local Transportation Dynamics, Local Employment Dynamics, Local Immigration Dynamics. Plus 2 empty rectangles.

What is LEHD?

Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) is an innovative program within the U.S. Census Bureau. The LEHD combines federal and state administrative data on employers and employees with core Census Bureau censuses and surveys while protecting the confidentiality of people and firms that provide the data.

What is LED?

Local Employment Dynamics (LED) is a voluntary partnership between state labor market information agencies and the U.S. Census Bureau to develop new information about local labor market conditions at low cost, with no added respondent burden, and with the same confidentiality protections afforded census and survey data.

First release of "On the Map"
(2002/2003 data)

Workers who work in Skokie, IL

Bar chart comparing CTPP and LEHD distance to Sokie (Miles). Click image for source data.

Workers who live in Skokie

Distance from Skokie (miles). Click image for source data.

One way "Crow Flies" commute distance (miles) Click image for source data.

SF Bay : Hacienda Business Park
Compare LEHD to CTPP

Within 5 miles25%10%
Within 10 miles40%21%
Within 20 miles65%38%

Source: Steve Raney, Cities 21

Are these isolated cases?

Where do the Data Come From? flowchart. Click image for text version.

Where are the Workplace Locations from?

Issues with QCEW

Model based on Minnesota data.

Residence Data:
Statistical Administrative Research Systems: Issues

Caveat Emptor!

Updated: 3/25/2013
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