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Census Urbanized Areas and MPO/TMA Designation

FAQ Topic 5: New TMAs

When will new TMAs be designated?

The list was posted in the Federal Register on July 18, 2012. Please refer to the schedule for more important dates.

Which population number is used to determine which areas will be designated as TMAs?

The Secretary of Transportation will designate new TMAs based on the official Census Bureau 2010 urbanized area population. The population of the adjusted UZA boundary is not used during the TMA designation process.

What happens when an area is designated as a TMA?

An area designated as a TMA enjoys certain benefits and incurs additional requirements beyond those of smaller urbanized areas (23 USC 134 (k)).

Does an existing MPO in an area that is newly-designated as a TMA have to modify its policy board?

At a minimum, the policy board of an MPO that serves a newly-designated TMA must include local elected officials, appropriate State officials, and officials of public agencies that administer or operate major modes of transportation in the metropolitan area. The MPO should review its policy board membership to determine if all of these groups are represented and add new members as appropriate (23 CFR 450.310(d)).

When must an area that is designated as a TMA establish a CMP?

Newly-designated TMAs need to implement a CMP within 18 months of their designation by the Secretary of Transportation. The list of TMAs was posted in the Federal Register on July 18, 2012, therefore a CMP is due by January 18, 2014. Please refer to the schedule for more important dates and milestones.

Updated: 8/8/2012
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