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Figure 2: Map from US 422 Corridor Newsletter


Map From US 422 Corridor Newsletter. In the center is a map of the corridor and the surrounding area. Roadway segments (both on the corridor and nearby) that meet CMP analysis criteria are highlighted according to the number of criteria they meet. The corridor has several segments that meet three to five criteria and two sections that meet five or more criteria. The map also includes traffic counts from different years at several points along the corridor. See below for text in left and right panels.

Potential Strategies for this Congested Corridor

Very Appropriate Strategies:

Secondary Strategies:

(See Report for more strategies.)

Useful Strategies for Almost Anywhere

Map Explanations

Strategies — A brief definition of each strategy is available at

CMP Criteria Analysis — The CMP used eight criteria including current daily and peak-hour traffic congestion based on 2025 traffic model simulations, heavily used roads and intermodal facilities, current and potential transit and freight needs, segments with high crash rates, and coordination with regional land use goals. Roadway segments exhibiting multiple criteria are a starting point for further consideration of improvements. The CMP also advances the environment, community, and economic development goals of the Long-Range Plan (see back page).


Updated: 10/20/2015
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