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Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC), Seattle, Washington

Figure 1: SMART Corridor map for West Pierce


SMART Corridor map for West Pierce. See below for more details.

Map of West Pierce SMART Corridor, in the southern portion of the region at the base of Puget Sound. The map shows the metropolitan transportation system and highlights those segments that are congested transit corridors, had stop and go traffic conditions in 2006, have been identified as a RTOC Key Corridor, or are a freight route. Surrounding land is shaded different colors for the urban growth area, regional growth centers, and manufacturing industrial centers. The map also identifies park and rides.

West Pierce has a manufacturing industrial area in the north, along Puget Sound, around the Port of Tacoma. Congested transit corridors extend to the south and west of the manufacturing area, extending as far as the urban growth area. The north-south corridor is also a RTOC Key Corridor.

A second east-west corridor that is a congested transit corridor with stop and go conditions crosses the north-south corridor about halfway down its length. A second north-south corridor runs along the eastern edge of the SMART corridor boundary. That corridor is a freight route with stop and go conditions, some transit congestion, and is a RTOC Key Corridor.

A final major corridor - Interstate 5 - runs southwesterly from the main manufacturing area and is a freight route with stop and go conditions and portions included in a RTOC Key Corridor. A text box within the map identify the major employers in the area, including the Multicare Health System and the U.S. Army; regional growth centers, including downtown Tacoma and Tacoma Mall; and the area's manufacturing/industrial centers. Another text box identifies the notable commutes in the area, such as Tacoma to Seattle via I-5 in the AM and Tacoma to Fort Lewis via State Route 7 in the PM.


Updated: 7/25/2011
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