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SPC Congestion Management Process Flowchart


The process begins with making changes to the network and updating the maps and website with that information. Next, goals are set for the 3-year data collection cycle and preliminary corridors are identified for the upcoming data collection season. If there is construction, the data collection may be delayed for another season. Data collection entails preparing data collection forms and folders, conducting funs, analyzing data, updating maps, and then updating the web with the new data. The data collection process is repeated six times over three years (twice a year).

Congestion Management Process
Planning, System Definition, Data Collection and Data Analysis Steps


Staff review & recommendations for network changes
TTC & Ops/Safety Committee review recommended network changes & provide feedback
Finalize network changes
  • Create new wall map reflecting all modifications (for internal use)
  • Update county & subarea maps (for web)
  • Update web with new maps and move pages associated with eliminated corridors into "retired corridors" section
Identify goals for 3-year data collection cycle (# of corridors per season)
Review historical run dates and identify preliminary corridors for upcoming data collection season
Identify upcoming construction projects near proposed corridor runs

Construction conflicts : return to previous
No construction conflicts : continue to below

Prepare folders for corridors to be run this season
  • Create maps reflecting network changes
  • Pull count data and not upcoming counts
  • Ensure CMP database is consistent with folders
  • Create data collection forms for folders
  • Provide list of corridors for PnR data collection
Schedule and conduct travel time runs
  • Schedule runs
  • Field data collection
  • Create data folders on network
  • Data dump
  • Pull latest 3 years of crash data
Data analysis
  • PC-Travel data & spreadsheet processing
  • Get PnR data (from other agency staff)
  • Create new graphs, charts, tables for web
  • Update regional rankings
  • Updated crash analyses
New maps/Map updates for web
  • New/updated county and subarea maps
  • New/updated corridor overview maps
  • New/updated corridor land use maps
  • New/updated crash maps
Update web
  • New/updated county & subarea maps
  • New/updated corridor overview maps
  • New/updated corridor land use maps
  • New corridor charts, graphs, tables
  • New/updated crash analyses
  • Updated PnR graphic
  • Additional info in Data Archive sections
  • Updated regional rankings

Return to Review historical run dates : Complete this loop six times for each 3-year data collection cycle (six data collection seasons), before beginning process over


Updated: 7/25/2011
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