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Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Screenshot of SPC website, showing data available for a typical CMP corridor


Screenshot of SPC Web site, showing data available for a typical CMP corridor. See below for more information.

Source: SPC Web site,

This graphic is a screenshot of SPC CMP corridor number14, State Route 51 in Allegheny County. The website has a map at the top of the page showing the corridor, which runs along a river. The map shows existing road network with the CMP monitoring network and the corridor highlighted, rivers, traffic signals along the corridor, corridor nodes, municipal boundaries, and the location of park-and-ride lots. Next to the map is a list of the seven corridor nodes which are labeled on the map. Data are available for download: current and prior data collection, land use maps, and crash analyses. Typical park-and-ride utilization is illustrated with a column split between empty and full. Links are provided to other corridor data from PennDOT and Four graphs below the map delay locations on the corridor segments versus delay per vehicle per mile in minutes per mile. There are two graphs of AM Peak Hour Delay Locations, one for southbound travel and the other for northbound travel; and two graphs of PM Peak Hour Delay Locations, one for southbound travel and the other for northbound travel. At the bottom of the page is a table of the Peak Hour Parameters on an average weekday along the entire corridor, for northbound and southbound directions. Data reported include distance, travel time at posted speed limit, AM and PM travel time, and various measures of delay, including total peak hour delay in vehicle-hours.


Updated: 10/20/2015
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