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Integrating Context Sensitive Solutions in Transportation Planning

Appendix B - CSS and Planning MPO Questionnaire Web-based Survey

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The Center for Transportation and the Environment at North Carolina State University is conducting a FHWA sponsored research project to determine best practices in the integration of Context Sensitive Solution (CSS) practices in the transportation planning process. As a part of this study, we are gathering input from Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO's) to assist us in this effort and to gather potential case studies to be incorporated into the "Integration of Context Sensitive Solutions in the Transportation Planning Process Report."

Further evaluation criteria will be used in determining final case study selection.

For purposes of this survey basic CSS guiding principles can by summarized as follows:

Solutions will:

  1. Address the transportation need
  2. Be an asset to the community
  3. Be compatible with the natural and human environment

(Source: Utah Dept. of Transportation)

  1. Which of the following CSS applications or policies does your MPO organization employ?
    (Check all that apply.)

    • Incorporate CSS into Local Transportation Plans
    • Scenario Testing
    • Community Visioning
    • Multidisciplinary Team Participation
    • Environmental Stewardship Policy
    • Adopted CSS Policy
    • Adopted Aesthetic Policy
    • Innovative Public Involvement Techniques
    • Consultation with Environmental Resource Agencies
    • Use GIS to identify high-value community and environmental resources
    • Other (Please Specify)
  2. Please provide contact names and a list of corridor visioning plans, transportation long-range and/or subarea plans utilizing the principles of CSS in your region.

  3. This survey is a screening tool for determining best practices of the integration of CSS into the transportation process. We may contact you for further information.
    Please provide us with your contact information below:

  4. Thank you for your participation!

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Updated: 7/1/2014
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