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Delta Region Transportation Development Program

Request for FY 2006 Request for FY 2006 Project Application for Delta Region Transportation Development Program

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Subject: ACTION: Request for FY 2006 Request for FY 2006 Project Application for Delta Region Transportation Development Program Due By April 7
March 1, 2006
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From: Jill L. Hochman
Director, Office of Interstate and Border Planning
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The purpose of this memorandum is to provide instructions and request information regarding the Delta Region Transportation Development Program. Section 1308 of SAFETEA-LU authorizes $10 million per fiscal year, from 2006 to 2009 for the program. After applying a rescission and the obligation limitation, amount available for FY 2006 is approximately $8.6 million. The intent of the program is to provide grants to: (1) support and encourage multistate transportation planning and corridor development; (2) provide for transportation project development; (3) facilitate transportation decision making; and (4) support transportation construction in the Delta region. The Delta region includes portions of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Information on the Delta Region Transportation Development Program is included in the Attachment, which contains background information on the program, the statutory language, eligibility and selection criteria, as well as submission requirements. Please provide this information to your State transportation department and work with them and, as appropriate, with the Delta Regional Authority to identify viable, quality candidate projects for this program for FY 2006 (we anticipate a similar memorandum will solicit projects in FY 2007, 2008 and 2009). Your instructions to the State transportation department must inform them of the fact that MPOs are also eligible recipients for Section 1308 funds. Regarding eligibility, the law states that eligible activities are for "...multistate highway planning, development, and construction projects." The FHWA interprets this phrase to include projects on highways that traverse more that one State and carry interstate commerce or which have been identified by the Delta Regional Authority as highways of regional significance.

Project application submissions must be received in Headquarters no later than April 7, 2007.

The applications must be submitted electronically in MS Word format. When submitting the State's project applications, we are requesting that the Division Office, transmit them via email to ( Your email transmittal should include:

Division Administrators for:

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