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Delta Region Transportation Development Program

Statutory Reference

SAFETEA-LU Section(s): 1308


  1. In General- The Secretary shall carry out a program in the 8 States comprising the Delta Region (Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee) to--
    1. support and encourage multistate transportation planning and corridor development;
    2. provide for transportation project development;
    3. facilitate transportation decision making; and
    4. support transportation construction.
  2. Eligible Recipients- A State transportation department or metropolitan planning organization in a Delta Region State may receive and administer funds provided under the program.
  3. Eligible Activities- The Secretary shall make allocations under the program for multistate highway planning, development, and construction projects.
  4. Other Provisions Regarding Eligibility- All activities funded under this program shall be consistent with the continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive planning processes required by sections 134 and 135 of title 23, United States Code.
  5. Selection Criteria- The Secretary shall select projects to be carried out under the program based on--
    1. whether the project is located--
      1. in an area under the authority of the Delta Regional Authority; and
      2. on a Federal-aid highway;
    2. endorsement of the project by the State department of transportation; and
    3. evidence of the ability of the recipient of funds provided under the program to complete the project.
  6. Program Priorities- In administering the program, the Secretary shall--
    1. encourage State and local officials to work together to develop plans for multimodal and multijurisdictional transportation decision making; and
    2. give priority to projects that emphasize multimodal planning, including planning for operational improvements that--
      1. increase the mobility of people and goods;
      2. improve the safety of the transportation system with respect to catastrophic natural disasters or disasters caused by human activity; and
      3. contribute to the economic vitality of the area in which the project is being carried out.
  7. Federal Share- Amounts provided by the Delta Regional Authority to carry out a project under this subsection may be applied to the non-Federal share of the project required by section 120 of title 23, United States Code.
  8. Funding
    1. IN GENERAL- There is authorized to be appropriated from the Highway Trust Fund (other than the Mass Transit Account) to carry out this section $10,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2006 through 2009.
    2. CONTRACT AUTHORITY- Funds made available to carry out this section shall be available for obligation in the same manner as if such funds were apportioned under chapter 1 of title 23, United States Code; except that such funds shall not be transferable and shall remain available until expended.
Updated: 5/15/2012
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