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Overview of State Economic Development Highway Programs (Task A-B Report)


Summary of State Economic Development Highway Funding Programs & Policies

State Economic Development Highway Funding Programs Formal Economic Development Highway Policies
State Corridors Local Roads ARC Programs
Alabama   X X  
Alaska       X
Arizona   X    
California        (D)
Colorado        (D)
Delaware        X
Florida  X      
Georgia  X   X  
Idaho        X
Illinois    X    
Indiana        X
Iowa   X    
Kansas    X   X
Kentucky    (B) X  
Louisiana  X      
Maryland      X X
Massachusetts    X    
Michigan   X    
Minnesota (A)      
Mississippi X   X  
Missouri   X    
Montana       X
Nebraska        X
Nevada        X
New Hampshire         
New Jersey       X
New Mexico        X
New York    X X  
North Carolina    X X  
North Dakota       X
Ohio      X X
Oklahoma    X    
Oregon   X    
Pennsylvania    (B) X  
Rhode Island        X
South Carolina   (B) X  
South Dakota   X    
Tennessee   X X  
Texas    (C)    
Utah        (D)
Vermont   (C)    
Virginia    X X  
Washington   X    
West Virginia   X X  
Wisconsin    X    
Wyoming   X    

(A) Funded for "interregional corridor system" to connect trade centers, but no special targeting to economically depressed locations.

(B) Annual set-aside funding exists to support road and highway projects based on economic development justifications, but no formal "program" is in place.

(C) No annual set-aside funding exists to support road and highway projects, however other informal alternatives are considered for economic development related transportation projects.

(D) Currently working on development of a formal policy for economic development road/highway funding


Alabama Department of Transportation -Jon F. Courson

Alaska Department of Transportation-Jeff Ottesen

Arizona Department of Transportation-Lynn Sugiyama

Florida Department of Transportation-Lorenzo Alexander

Georgia Department of Transportation-Meg Pirkle

IOWA department of Transportation-Tom Vaughan

Illinois Department of Transportation-Katheline McNeill, Tim Milam

Kansas department of Transportation-Rosie Ingram

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet-Jon Clark

Louisiana Department of Transportation-Buddy Porta

Massachusetts Department of Transportation-Joseph Naughton, Pamela Russell

Missouri Department of Transportation- Kyle Kittrell, Danica Stovall-Taylor

Michigan Department of Transportation-Deanna Finch

Mississippi Department of Transportation-Nelson Sellers

North Carolina Department of Transportation-Mike Stanley

New York Department of Transportation-Gregory Knox, Jack Earl

Oklahoma Department of Transportation- Mitch Surrett

Ohio Department of Transportation-Melinda Lawrence

Oregon Dept. of Transportation-Jack Svadlenak

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation-Dennis Lebo

South Dakota Department of Transportation- Terry Jorgersen

Tennessee Department of Transportation-Bobby Garland

Virginia Department of Transportation-Hugh Adams

Washington State Department of Transportation-Elizabeth Robbins

West Virginia Department of Transportation-Norman Roush

Wisconsin Department of Transportation-Dennis Leong, Gati Grundmanis

Wyoming Department of Transportation-Rich Douglass

Appalachian Regional Commission-Greg Bischak

Updated: 5/4/2012
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