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Health in Transportation Working Group - 2013 Annual Report

3. 2013 Working Group Accomplishments

Early in 2013, the Working Group drafted a charter that laid out its intended activities for the year. Throughout the year, they worked on these activities and had five major accomplishments in 2013. This section lists each accomplishment and provides some background information on how and why they chose to pursue it.

2013 Health in Transportation Working Group Charter

The 2013 Charter serves as a guiding document for the Working Group's activities. It is an internal document that lays out the major tasks and mid- and long-term tasks for calendar year 2013, and also describes the purpose of the Working Group and lists the members.

Moving Healthy: Linking FHWA Programs and Health

The Working Group published the Moving Healthy: Linking FHWA Programs and Health brochure in May 2013. It provides information on FHWA programs, initiatives, tools, and resources that influence or are influenced by health. The brochure explains that although FHWA does not have a single, specific program that focuses solely on health, it is implicit in a broad range of the Agency's existing programs. It describes many FHWA programs, funding sources, and tools that can support health-related issues in communities across the country.

Health in Transportation Website

In January 2013, the FHWA Office of Planning launched the Health in Transportation website. The website includes five main pages:

The Office of Planning keeps the website current with the latest information on health in transportation, and posts products as they are available.

Health in Transportation Frequently Asked Questions Document

The Working Group decided to develop a list of frequently asked questions and answers relating to the connections between transportation and health. Initially, they wrote it for an audience of FHWA Division Office staff. However, while drafting the questions and answers, the Working Group decided to write them for a broader audience to apply to a wider set of situations. In September 2013, the Working Group finalized the list of health in transportation frequently asked questions and answers. The Frequently Asked Questions document can be found on the Health in Transportation website. The five questions are:

Strategic Initiative Framework for Health in Corridor Transportation Planning

The 2013 charter laid out the plan to conduct research for the development of a framework for incorporating health into the transportation delivery process. Victoria Martinez and a small group of Working Group members are leading the FHWA effort to develop this framework, which is being funded with existing FHWA research funds. The Strategic Initiative Framework for Health in Corridor Transportation Planning will be an action-oriented, step-by-step document to assist States, MPOs, local governments, and the public in incorporating health into transportation corridor planning and project delivery. It will provide detailed information about health and transportation topics such as equity analysis, active transportation, injury prevention, air pollution, infectious diseases, and access to services that enable healthier lifestyles. The framework will also help to build internal capacity so that FHWA can engage stakeholders and provide a better understanding of how the transportation infrastructure can accommodate and affect the health needs of a community.

FHWA conducted a competitive bid process to hire a consultant to develop the framework. After careful consideration, FHWA selected ICF International as the consultant. The Working Group will play an important role in the development of the framework; a subgroup of members helped to develop and review the initial scope of work, and will continue to offer guidance throughout the development of the framework. The framework is scheduled to be completed in January 2016.

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