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Intermodal Connectors


AMTRAK Station - Tampa AMTRAK Station 1 Served by an Existing NHS Route 0 FL40S
AMTRAK Station, Orlando AMTRAK Station 1 Kaley Ave--Division Ave--Columbia St--Sligh Ave--Gore St (I-4 ramps at Division and Kaley to Amtrak station at Copeland Dr) 1.311 FL16S
Autotrain in Sanford AMTRAK Station 1 Persimmon Ave (Autotrain entrance to SR 46); SR 46 (Persimmon Ave to I-4) 0.881 FL14S
CSX Intermodal - Orlando Truck/Rail Facility 1 Atlantc Ave--Landstreet Rd--Boggy Creek Rd--E and W ramps to SR 528--Jetport Dr ramp (CSX entrance on Alantic Ave to SR 528) 2.276 FL11R
CSXT Bulk Intermodal Facility Truck/Rail Facility 1 Pritchard Rd, Sportsman Club Rd: from I-295 to CSX entrance 0.978 FL31R
Daytona Beach Int'l Airport Airport 1 Midway Ave. (Entrance to US 92), International Speedway Blvd/US 92 (Midway to I-95) 2.9 FL13A
Daytona Beach Int'l Airport Airport 2 Midway Ave (Catalina to Williamson), Williamson Bl. (Midway to Beville), Beville (Will. to I-95) 3 FL13A
Ft. Lauderdale International Airport Airport 1 SW 4th Ave (Perimeter Rd/Cargo area to SR84/SW 24th St) 0.8 FL39A
Gainesville Regional Airport Airport 1 NE/NW 39th Avenue (Entrance to I-75) 10.587 FL34A
Intermodal Rail Transport Yard Truck/Rail Facility 1 SR 580, Hillsborough Ave, Anderson Rd: from Hoover St to Yard entrance 1.961 FL51R
Jacksonville AMTRAK Station AMTRAK Station 1 Clifford Ln. (Entrance to US 1), US 1 (Clifford to I-295) 3.79 FL29S
Jacksonville Intl Airport Airport 1 SR 102/Airport Rd: from I-95 ramps to Airport entrance 1.327 FL26A
Jacksonville Intl Airport Airport 2 Duval Rd, Pecan Park Rd: from I-295/Duval Rd to airport property/freight terminal 1.065 FL26A
Jacksonville Port Authority Port Terminal 1 20th St Expressway, Phoenix Ave, 21st St, N Talleyrand Ave: from I-95 to north entrance 4 FL28P
Jacksonville Port Authority Port Terminal 2 US ALT 1, 8th St, S Talleyrand Ave: from junction of 20th St Expressway/US ALT 1 to south entrance 2.7 FL28P
Key West International Airport Airport 1 S. Roosevelt Rd. (Airport at Falrado CR to US 1) 1.434 FL36A
Melbourne Intl Airport Airport 1 US 192/New Haven Ave--Airport Blvd--NASA Blvd (I-95 to airport entrace at Eddie Allen Rd) 5.556 FL10A
MetroRail Government Center Public Transit Station 1 NW 1st St, NW 1st Ave, NW 3rd St, NW 3rd Ct: from I-95 ramps to Metrorail entrance 0.81 FL22T
MetroRail South Miami Station Public Transit Station 1 SW 72nd St/SR 986, SW 70th St, SW 59th Pl: from US 1 to US 1 0.352 FL23T
Miami International Airport Airport 1 NW 37th Ave, NW 21st SSt, NW 42nd St Ave, LeJeune Rd: from (south ramp of SR 836@NW 37th and south ramp of SR 836@NW 42nd) to (Entrance at NW 42nd Ave and 21st St) 1.901 FL17A
Miami International Airport Airport 2 NW 25th St: from SR 826 to terminal entrance at NW 68th Ave 0.912 FL17A
Miami's Doral Off-Airport
Cargo Area
1 From SR 826 west along NW
25th St to 87th St
1 FL53R
Miami's Off-Airport West
Cargo Area
1 From the proposed viaduct (near NW 25th St at NW 68th Ave) southerly on new alignment 0.25 mile to the airport property (approximately near the north leg of the intersection of NW 68th Ave with NW 22nd St.). As unbuilt NHS. 0.25 FL54R
Naples Municipal Airport Airport 1 North Rd (Terminal to Pulling), Pulling Rd. (North to Pine Ridge), Pine Ridge Rd (Pulling to I-75) 7.037 FL43A
Norfolk Southern Yards - Jacksonville Truck/Rail Facility 1 SR 111/Cassat Ave, Edgewood ave, Edgewood Dr: from I-10 to Yard property 3.792 FL27R
Okaloosa County Air Terminal Airport 1 Served by an Existing NHS Route - SR 85 0 FL35A
Orlando International Airport Airport 1 Boggy Creek Rd (Entrance to SR 417) 0.914 FL12A
Orlando-Sanford Airport Airport 1 Lake Mary Blvd (SR 417 to Airport property) 2.128 FL24A
Palm Beach International Airport Airport 1 Served by an Existing NHS Route 0 FL38A
Panama City Bay County Intl. Airport Airport 1 Lisenby Ave (Airport Entrance to SR 30A /15th Street) 2.104 FL1A
Parsec - Ft. Lauderdale Truck/Rail Facility 1 Served by an Existing NHS Route (mileage included in 5P) 0 FL41R
Parsec - West Palm Beach Truck/Rail Facility 1 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd/CR716, US 1, 15th St: from I-95 ramp to Parsec at Henrietta Ave 3.056 FL42R
Parsec Florida East Coast Railroad -Jacksonville Truck/Rail Facility 1 University Blvd/SR109, Phillips Hwy/US1, J Turner Butler Blvd/SR202: from (I-95@Unversity Blvd and I-95@J. Turner Butler Blvd) to Parsec entrance 2.596 FL25R
Parsec Miami/Parsec Automobile Terminal Truck/Rail Facility 1 NW 36 St.(NW67 to SR826), NW 67th Av.(SR948 to NW25), NW 25th(SR826 to NW67) 2.092 FL19R
Parsec(North) - Miami Truck/Rail Facility 1 Hialeah Expressway/SR 934, NW 72nd St, NW 74th St, NW 69th Ave: from both SR 826 and Okeechobee Rd to port entrance 1.259 FL20R
Pensacola Regional Airport Airport 1 Airport Blvd (entrance to Davis Hwy), Davis Hwy (Airport Blvd to I-10) 3.836 FL3A
Pensacola Seaport Port Terminal 1 Along Chase St--Bayfront Pkwy--Barracks St--9th Ave (from I-110/Chase St to port; from port to I-110/Gregory St) 2.446 FL2P
Port Canaveral Port Terminal 1 George King Bl (Port to A1A), Dave Nisbet Dr (George King to SR 528), SR 528 (Dave N. to SR 401) 1.667 FL15P
Port Everglades - Fort Lauderdale Port Terminal 1 SR 84 (from I-95 to north port entrance at Slip Head Rd) 2.089 FL5P
Port Everglades - Fort Lauderdale Port Terminal 2 Branching from 1st connector: from SR 84/S Andrews Ave southerly along NE 7th Ave and Eller Dr to southern port entrance 2 FL5P
Port Manatee Port Terminal 1 Piney Point Rd. (Dock St. to US 41), US 41 (Piney Point to I-275) 3.666 FL7P
Port of Fernandina Port Terminal 1 Dade St (Entrance to 8th), 8th St. (Dade SR A1A), SR A1A (8th to I-95) 16.196 FL44P
Port of Fort Pierce Port Terminal 1 SR 70, US 1: from I-95 east ramps to Port entrance 6.959 FL46P
Port of Key West Port Terminal 1 Served by an Existing NHS Route - US 1 0 FL50P
Port of Miami Port Terminal 1 Along 1st Ave--2nd Ave--NE 6th St--NE 5th St--Port Blvd: (Port entrance to I-395 and I-95) 4.822 FL18P
Port of Palm Beach Port Terminal 1 Along SR 708--SR 710---45th St Exit--Congress Ave (From I-95 ramps and SR 708/SR 710 along Congress Ave and SR 710 to port entrance) 6.211 FL6P
Port of Panama City Port Terminal 1 Avenue "D" (US 98 to Port gates) 0.128 FL49P
Port of Tampa Port Terminal 1 Maritime Blvd, 22nd St, N 21 St: from I-4 ramps to Port entrance at Pier 219 4.184 FL33P
S.W. Florida Intl. Airport - Ft Myers Airport 1 Daniels Rd. (I-75 to airport entrance) 0.572 FL8A
Sarasota/Brandenton Intl Airport Airport 1 University Pkwy (I-75 to airport entrance) 6.554 FL9A
St. Lucie International Airport Airport 1 Uses same connector as 46P 0 FL47A
St. Petersburg/Clearwater Airport Airport 1 SR 686/Roosevelt Blvd, Ulmerton Rd: from I-275 to Airport entrance 4.132 FL32A
Tallahassee Regional Airport Airport 1 Capital Circle SW (Entrance to I-10) 6.507 FL4A
Tampa International Airport (freight terminal) Airport 1 SR 580, Hilsborough Ave: from Veterans Exwy/SR589 to Hoover St 0.741 FL37A
Tri Rail (Airport passenger) - Miami Public Transit Station 1 NW 39th Ave and NW 22nd St: from NW 21 St to Tri Rail entrance 0.11 FL21T
Uceta Intermodal Yard CSX Facility Truck/Rail Facility 1 US41/N 50th St, Broadway/CR574, 62 St: from (I-4 ramp #84) to (8th Ave at Yard entrance) 1.82 FL52R
Vero Beach Municipal Airport Airport 1 26th St. (Airport Dr. to 43rd), 43rd Ave. (26th to SR 60), SR 60 (43rd to I-95) 6.643 FL45A
Watson Island Intl. Sea Plane Airport Airport 1 MacArthur Causeway (Sea Plane Base to I-395) 0.779 FL48A
TOTAL       156.83  
Updated: 6/18/2012
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