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Intermodal Connectors


Acadia Gateway Center Public Transit Station1From Main St. (Ellsworth): SE 6.2 miles on State Route 3 and proposed access road to terminal entrance6.2ME13T
Auburn Intermodal Truck/Rail Transfer Fac Truck/Rail Facility1From I-495 (ex 12)/SW on SR 4: NW 1.9 mi on Kittyhawk Rd, northerly 0.7 mi on Lewiston Jct Rd2.2ME10R
Bangor International Airport Airport1From I-95 (ex 46): E on US 2/Hammond St, northerly on Maine Ave, SW on Godfrey Blvd to the terminal2ME8A
Bangor International Airport Airport2From I-95 (ex 47): NW on SR 222/Union Street, SW on Godfrey Blvd and join main connector2ME8A
Casco Bay Ferry (CBITD) and Ocean Gateway Terminals Ferry Terminal1From I-295 (exit 7): SE 0.7 mi on U.S. 1A to Commercial St. and entrance to terminal1.1ME6F
Merrill Marine Terminal (Port) Port Terminal1From I-295 (exit 5): 1.2 mi SE on Portland Connector, 0.2 mi E on U.S. 1A1.4ME4P
Merrill Marine Terminal (Port) Port Terminal2From I-295 (exit 4): 1.0 E on U.S. 1 to intersection with U.S.1A (and join connector #1)1ME4P
Merrill Marine Terminal (Rail) Truck/Rail Facility1From I-295 (exit 5): same as record 4P0ME11R
Merrill Marine Terminal (Rail) Truck/Rail Facility2From I-295 (exit 4): Same as record 4P0ME11R
Portland Bus Terminal Intercity Bus Terminal1From I-295 (exit 5): east on SR22/Congress St to terminal, north on St. John St, west on Park Ave to I-2951.0ME3B
Portland Freight Terminal District Truck/Rail Facility1From I-95 (exit 7): south 2.1 mi on ME Turnpike Approach Road to U.S. 12.1ME1R
Portland International Marine Terminal Port Terminal1From connector terminating at Merrill Marine Terminal: NE 1.0 mi on U.S. 1A to Park St (Term. Entr.)1ME12P
Portland Jetport Airport1From I-95 exit 46 to SR 9 in Portland0.43ME2A
Portland Jetport Airport2From I-295 (exit 5): SW 2.4 mi on SR9/SR 22 to Jetport Access Road2.4ME2A
Portland Jetport Airport3From I-295 (exit 3): NW 1.7 mi on SR 9 to Jetport Access Road in South Portland1.68ME2A
Portland Transportation Center Public Transit Station1Served by Portland Connector to Merrill Marine Terminal0.0ME14T
TOTAL     24.51  
Updated: 6/18/2012
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