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Intermodal Connectors

North Carolina

Albert J. Ellis Airport - Jacksonville Airport1From US 258, west on NC 111 (Catherine Lake Rd), southwest on SR 1265 (Albert Ellis Airport Rd) to airport entrance6.8NC30A
Amtrak - Charlotte AMTRAK Station1Served by an existing NHS route0NC6S
Amtrak and Trailways Station - Greensboro Multipurpose Passenger Facility1Served by an existing NHS route0NC14M
Amtrak Station - Raleigh AMTRAK Station1Served by an existing NHS route0NC17S
Asheville Regional Airport Airport1NC 280 between I-26 and the Parking Lot Entrance0.5NC1A
Cedar Island - Ocracoke Ferry #1 Ferry Terminal1NC 12 in Carteret County between the Cedar Island Dock and the Ocracoke Ferry Dock in Hyde County0NC28F
Cedar Island - Ocracoke Ferry #2 Ferry Terminal1US 70 and NC 12 between E Limit Morehead City and Cedar Island Ferry Dock40NC29F
Charlotte/Douglas International Airport Airport1S.R. 1490: from US 521 to airport entrance1.47NC4A
Charlotte/Douglas International Airport Airport2NC 160 (West Blvd): from US 521 to SR 1177 (Yorkmont Rd); SR 1177 from NC 160 to airport entrance2NC4A
CSX Freight Intermodal Facility - Charlotte Truck/Rail Facility1Hovis Rd and NC 16 between I-85 and the Terminal Entrance1.9NC3R
Dixie Pipeline Co. - Apex Truck/Pipeline Terminal1Terminal Entrance on NC 55 to US 10.8NC18L
Fayetteville Regional Airport Airport1SR 2341 and SR 2260 between I-95 and the end of SR 22602.8NC9A
Fort Fisher Ferry Ferry Terminal1US 421 and NC 132 between US 117 (Shipyard Blvd) and the Fort Fisher Ferry Dock18.1NC32F
Greyhound - Winston-Salem Intercity Bus Terminal1Served by an existing NHS route0NC20B
Greyhound - Fayetteville Intercity Bus Terminal1Served by an existing NHS route0NC8B
Greyhound and Trailways - Charlotte Intercity Bus Terminal1Served by an existing NHS route0NC5B
Greyhound and Trailways Raleigh Intercity Bus Terminal1Served by an existing NHS route0NC16B
Hatteras Inlet Ferry #1 Ferry Terminal1NC 12 in Hyde County between the Dock and the Ocracoke Ferry Dock13.8NC27F
Hatteras Inlet Ferry #2 Ferry Terminal1NC 12 in Dare County between the Dock and US 6459.5NC26F
Kinston Reg. Jetport/Global Transpark Terminal Airport1From US 70, north on US 258, east on SR 2010 (Cf Harvey Parkway), northwest on SR 1578 (Airport Road) to terminal entrance 6.47NC22A
NC State Ports - Wilmington Port Terminal1SR 1140 (Burnett St) from US 421 to Myers St0NC24P
NC State Ports at Morehead City Port Terminal1Served by an existing NHS route0NC23P
New Hanover International Airport Airport1SR 1302 (23rd St) from US 74 (MLK Jr. Parkway) to New Hanover Internation Airport Entrance and Airport Entrance road to terminal1.3NC19A
Norfolk Southern Corp. - Winston-Salem Truck/Rail Facility1I-40 Business to MLK Dr to US 311 to SR 2381 (Williston Rd) to SR 2456 (Old Walkertown Rd) to Terminal Entrance6.7NC21R
Norfolk Southern Corp. - Charlotte Truck/Rail Facility1N. Brevard St and Caldwell St/Parkwood Ave between I-277 and the Terminal Entrance1NC7R
Norfolk Southern Corp. - Greensboro Truck/Rail Facility1I-40 on SR 4121 (High Point Rd) to Meadowview Rd to SR 4228 (Patterson St) to Merrit Dr. to the terminal entrance1.9NC13R
Petroleum Pipeline Terminal - Charlotte Truck/Pipeline Terminal1NC 27 between I-85 and SR 1784(Mount Holly Rd)3.6NC2L
Petroleum Pipeline Terminal - Greensboro Truck/Pipeline Terminal1SR 1556 (Gallimore Dairy Rd) from I-40 to SR 1008 (West Market St); SR 1008 from SR 1556 to southeastern terminal entrance1.6NC12L
Petrolum Pipeline Terminal - Selma Truck/Pipeline Terminal1SR 1003 between US 70 and SR 19281NC25L
Piedmont Triad Int Airport - Greensboro Airport1SR 2085 between NC 68 and the Parking Lot Entrance1.8NC11A
Raleigh-Durham International Airport Airport1SR 3097 (Globe Rd) from I-540 to SR 3015 (Airport Blvd); SR 3015 (Airport Blvd) from I-40 to SR 1002 (Aviation Pkway); continure east on SR 3015 to airport entrance1.2NC15A
Southport Ferry Ferry Terminal1NC 87 and NC 211 between the Southport Ferry Dock and NC 133 (Brunswick County)6.7NC31F
Star Enterprise Pipeline Terminal Truck/Pipeline Terminal1Shaw Mill Rd and Murchinson between the Proposed Outer Loop and terminal Entrance1.1NC10L
TOTAL     182.04  
Updated: 6/18/2012
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