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Regional Workshop on Performance-based Planning and Programming - Workshop Summary

2. Current Practices in the Southeast

This section highlights some of the practices in performance-based planning and programming currently implemented by state DOTs, MPOs, and transit agencies that participated in the workshop. The Colorado DOT and a panel of representatives from the Utah DOT, the Wasatch Front Range Council, and the Utah Transit Authority shared their experiences with performance based approaches with the group. A brief summary of each presentation is presented here.

Colorado DOT, Performance Measurement at Work

Sandi Kohrs, Colorado DOT Planning and Performance Branch Manager welcomed all participants to the workshop. Mrs. Kohrs highlighted the enterprise management approach the agency is currently pursuing and how the agency is actively linking performance measures within their long range planning effort. Scott Richrath of the Colorado DOT’s Performance and Policy Analysis Unit briefly presented on the state’s evolving approach to measuring performance across the agency. Mr. Richrath focused on the use of performance measurement tools and a performance based planning framework to support the state long range plan and statewide transportation goals. Key points from the presentation included:

Utah Department of Transportation, Technologies to Advance Performance Based Planning Approaches

John Thomas, Director of Planning for the Utah DOT introduced the workshop panelists from Utah and described how the state, MPOs, and transit agencies are working together. He also introduced the major theme of the panel which will focus on tools, processes, and projects currently being applied in the state. Some key points from the presentation included:

Wasatch Front Range Council, A Common Framework for Regional Performance Measures

Ned Hacker, Planning Manager with the Wasatch Front Range Council spoke to the MPO perspective of working with the Utah DOT and stakeholders to further integrate performance measures into planning activities. Some key points from the presentation included:

 Utah Transit Authority, Performance Management Approaches

Hal Johnson, Project Development Manager with the Utah Transit Authority provided an overview of the agency’s current performance measurement tools and examples of how measurement improved services and aided decision making. Some key points from the presentation included:

Other Best Practices of Workshop Participants

In addition to speakers and panelists, workshop participants identified a number of other applications of performance-based planning and programming within their own agencies. When queried, about half of attendees indicated their agency used some sort of performance based approach, but of those that did, relatively few believe that this information is used in decision-making processes.

Updated: 1/9/2013
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