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Regional Workshop on Performance-based Planning and Programming

Key Themes

This section provides key themes that emerged both from the group discussion and the breakout sessions.

Most Agencies are Using Performance Measures Today

One consistent theme from the workshop was that most agencies are using performance measures within their planning process in one form or another; however, all see room for expansion of the measurement and use of the data. There were two key drivers for agencies adopting a performance measures approach: 1) a legislative mandate, and 2) a need to manage costs more efficiently in a time of reduced resources. Agencies see their purpose as serving the public and view performance measures as a way to gather public input, keep them accountable to the stated goals, and communicate the state of their efforts and expenditures.

Performance Management is an Ongoing, Future-Oriented Effort

Participants expressed that the integration of performance measures into their activities is a practice of continued adjustment and improvement. Ideally the practice should help an agency "always be better the next day." Performance-based plans and programs need to exist as "living documents." Despite concerns that performance management will allow leaders to point fingers and assign blame, agencies see it as a tool to look forward and make better decisions.

Challenges to Implementation Remain

Overall, participants recognized performance-based planning and programming as good management practice, but noted that they continue to struggle with utilizing the data to support all of their programs and processes. Participants identified a range of potential challenges to implementing performance-based planning and programming, including:

Establishing a National Program

Some concerns were expressed about the prospect for a national performance management program or performance-based planning and programming requirements, including:

Participants had concrete ideas for how to help a national program achieve success. Some of these ideas included:

Updated: 10/25/2012
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