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Carbon Dioxide, Climate Change, and the Boston Region MPO: A Discussion Paper

Miles Driven and Population Growth in Massachusetts

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The line graph contains two lines; one for Miles Driven in Massachusetts, and one for Population in Massachusetts. The vertical axis shows the percent increase since 1970 for both of these indicators. The population line has a shallow slope, increasing slowly and steadily from zero percent growth to about 10% growth in 1000 and a forecasted 20% growth in 20020. The Miles Driven line, however, has increased much faster, showing a steeper line slope. In 2000, the increase for Miles Driven is over 70% and in 2020 it is predicted to be over 100%.

Source: Office for Commonwealth Development. Massachusetts Climate Protection Plan. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 2004: 51 pp.

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Updated: 3/8/2012
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