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Carbon Dioxide, Climate Change, and the Boston Region MPO: A Discussion Paper

Extreme Heat in Boston

Lower emissions scenarioneed_alt_text

Higher emissions scenarioneed_alt_text

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This chart illustrates the days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (F) in Boston. Today, there is only 1 day on average over 100 degrees. In 2010 to 2039, there is predicted to be 15 days over 100 degrees for the Lower emissions scenario and about 17 days for the Higher emission scenario. Between 2040 and 2060, it is predicted that 25 days for Lower emissions and almost 40 days for the Higher emission scenario will be over 100 degrees F. Between 2070 and 2099, it is predicted that 31 days for the Lower emission and 64 days for the Higher emission scenarios will be over 100 degrees.

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists. "Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast: A Report of the Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment." Oct. 2006; 35 pp.

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Updated: 3/8/2012
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