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Coordinating Transportation, Land Use, and Economic Development

Influence of Transportation Infrastructure on Land Use - (or PDF, 146 KB) describes the development decision-making process from the private sector perspective, as well as the role that transportation and government entities play in the process.

The FHWA's Land Use Toolkit provides information on methods, strategies, and procedures for integrating land use and transportation planning, decision-making, and project implementation.

Rural Safety

The FHWA Office of Safety provides a number of resources to help with improving rural transportation safety.

Integrating Safety in the Rural Transportation Planning Process report provides methods for integrating safety into each step of the RPO planning and programming process, to assist in addressing rural roads multimodal safety needs. Rural areas consistently experience higher numbers of crash-related fatalities and serious injuries than urban areas. Regional planning organizations (RPO) are poised to assist state departments of transportation (DOT) and local officials in addressing the safety needs in nonmetropolitan areas in accordance with statewide safety goals. RPOs in general engage in a planning process to understand the regional issues and needs, and identify strategies to address them through coordination with regional stakeholders. The opportunity exists to incorporate safety into this existing process.

Rural Air Quality

Although air quality has been mainly an urban concern, it is beginning to become an issue that rural areas will also have to manage. Several rural counties have exceeded the national standard for one or more air pollutants. The FHWA has developed a paper describing air quality issues in rural areas.

The FHWA maintains a website with information on transportation conformity that describes the basic concepts of this regulatory issue.

Other Relevant Topics and Resources

A Study of the Impact of Nine Transportation Management Projects on Hurricane Evacuation Preparedness describes lessons learned from nine states' experiences with hurricane evacuations as well as Louisiana's deployment of "Hydrowatch" information stations.

The Rural Transportation Toolbox (1998) is designed to assist public and private stakeholders in planning, developing, and improving rural areas and small communities, especially through transportation and related projects.

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