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FHWA Functional Classification Guidelines


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Section Links to electronic pages Original Hard Copy Page #
I Introduction I-1
II Concepts, Definitions, and System Characteristics II-1
The Concept of Functional Classification II-1
Area Definitions II-5
Functional System Characteristics II-8
Functional systems for rural areas II-8
Functional systems in urbanized areas II-11
Functional systems for small urban areas II-14
Special urban-rural identification II-15
Classification criteria for Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico II-15
III Suggested Procedures for Rural, Small Urban Aarea and Urbanized Area Classification III-1
Introduction III-1
Classification Procedures for Rural Systems III-3
Identifying and ranking population centers and other travel generators III-3
Classification of rural systems III-6
Classification Procedures for Small Urban Areas III-14
Determine and map the urban area boundary III-15
Prepare road network map III-15
Identify and map land service characteristics III-15
Classify the highway and street network III-15
Classification Procedures for Urbanized Areas III-18
Determine and map the urbanized area boundary III-18
Map the road network III-19
Perform preliminary classification of the total arterial system III-19
Classify the final arterial system III-28
Classify the principal and minor arterial street systems III-28
Substratify the principal arterial system III-32
Classify collector and local streets III-34
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