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Multimodal Tradeoffs Workshop

Images and Descriptions

Figure 1.1 Generalized Framework for a Tradeoff Analysis

This graphic describes a process for making multimodal tradeoff decisions. Various program areas with individual objectives and criteria are arrayed horizontally. The horizontal alignment shows program tradeoff areas. Vertical arrows indicate selecting relevant criteria for the program areas. Program areas include: Modes (highway, transit, ferry, aviation, etc.), Agency functions (construction, maintenance, admin., etc.), User groups(commuters, tourists, shippers, etc.), Geographic areas (districts, urban, rural, etc.), Key travel corridors,(intercity, intermodal, etc., Broad program goals (preservation, mobility, safety, etc.)

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Figure 3.1 Mn/DOT's Performance-Based Planning and Project Selection Process

A Minnesota Department of Transportation flow chart indicating the transportation system development process from MN DOT Strategic Plan to Statewide Transportation Plan' to local and regional plans to Programs of Capital and Service Improvements' or Highway Project Development' to' Construction, Operation and Maintenance.
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Figure 3.2 New Mexico Generalized Multimodal Process for Corridor Analysis

This graphic shows how various alternatives are developed and screened. Highway, transit and transportation management alternatives at the top of the graphic are narrowed down through 'Idea Development', 'General Screening', and 'Conceptual Evaluation', 'Detailed Evaluation'. At each step the funnel narrows to fewer alternatives culminating in a Preferred Alternative.
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Figure 1. Mn/DOT Transportation Planning and Programming Process

A snapshot of the earlier Minnesota Department of Transportation graphic focusing in on the first four steps of the process.
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Updated: 3/26/2012
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