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Tribal Transportation Planning Modules

Each of the training modules is laid out in this graphic of the training module series. At the top of the image is the Introduction to Planning module. Below are three modules, Developing a Long-Range Transportation Plan, Data Collection and Use, and Public Involvement, aligned in a row labeled “planning.” Underneath these modules are two more, Tribal Consultation and Partnering and Leveraging aligned in a row labeled “Tribal Intergovernmental Relations.” Below them are four modules, Developing the Transportation Improvement Program, Funding Resources, Financial Planning, and Project Prioritization, aligned in a row labeled “programming.” In the bottom-most row, labeled “other elements,” are the remaining two modules, Safety and Asset Management. All of the modules are encompassed in a large circle with the rows labeled just outside. Introduction To Planning Data Dollection and Use Public Involvement Tribal Consultation Long Range Transportation Plan Partnering and Leveraging Developing the Tribal Transportation Improvement Program Tribal Transportation Funding Resources Financial Planning Project Prioritization Asset Management Safety

The Planning Modules consists of the following :

Asset Management

This module provides tribal decisionmakers and planners with information about asset management and the role it plays in the transportation planning process. The module includes an introduction to the subject, concepts and tools required for asset management.


The Tribal Consultation module identifies the principles and basis of tribal consultation.

Data Collection and Use

Data Collection and Use explains what data is, how it can be collected and analyzed, and how it can be used to support decisionmaking, including the development of the Tribe's Long-Range Transportation Plan.

Developing a Long-Range Transportation Plan

Developing a Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) summarizes the fundamental process for developing a LRTP. The module offers a general framework for developing a LRTP and provides examples of noteworthy practices by several Tribal organizations.

Developing the Tribal Transportation Improvement Program

Developing the Tribal Transportation Improvement Program (TTIP) provides definitions and legal references for each of the TIP documents, presents an overview of how the TTIP is developed, and identifies stakeholders and their related processes.

Financial Planning

The Financial Planning module provides readers the information, steps and tools of financial planning. After completing the module, readers will be able to write a financial plan that is a component of the tribe’s long range transportation plan.

Funding Resources

Tribal Transportation Funding Resources identifies the funding programs and strategies that will assist Tribal governments with their transportation planning. The section should be used as a reference guide that contains detailed information about 36 Federal funding programs and the eligibility criteria for each.

Introduction to Planning

This module explains the basic components of the transportation planning process and presents a brief overview of transportation plans, programs, and products that are part of the planning process.

Partnering & Leveraging

The Partnering and Leveraging module provides transportation tribal decisionmakers and planners with information about four steps in developing partnerships and leveraging resources. Partnering and leveraging gives tribes an opportunity to spread limited resources and “do more with less.”

Project Prioritization

This module provides tribal decisionmakers and planners with information about the five basic steps of project prioritization.

Public Involvement

Public Involvement explains the importance of getting input from the public when making transportation planning decisions. It also describes how to plan a public involvement process and ways to engage the public.


This module provides a brief overview of how to conduct transportation safety planning and develop Transportation Safety Plans.

For more information about tribal transportation planning, please visit the FHWA–FTA Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program’s website:

Updated: 6/23/2015
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