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Asset Management

I. Introduction

A figure rests his arm on his knee and has a question mark floating above his head.

What is Asset Management? Asset management is a process that helps makes the best decisions about tribal transportation infrastructure given the resources available. Asset management uses asset information to help tribal leaders make better maintenance and improvement decisions about the tribal transportation system to extend the usefulness of transportation assets with available funding.[2]

This module has six parts:

  • I. Introduction. Topic description. Practice While You Learn!
  • II. How Do I Do Asset Management? Step by step instructions.
  • III. Toolbox. Techniques for performing task. IV. Checklist. Checklist.
  • IV. Checklist. Checklist.
  • V. From Indian Country. Tribal example.
  • Appendices. For Further Reading.
    Asset Management Quiz.

Who should participate in this training?

Any official responsible for tribal transportation planning, budgeting and decisionmaking.

Why is this important? Every day the tribe’s physical assets age. Their maintenance needs increase but funding does not. If done properly, asset management enables you to most effectively manage the tribe’s asset with available funds.

How will I benefit? You will be able to help the tribe achieve a higher level of performance from tribal transportation assets.

How does this module relate to other modules in the training series? As shown in Figure 1, this topic relates to all of the training modules. Asset management ties tribal planning, programming, and intergovernmental relations together for improved management of tribal resources.

What can I expect from this module? In this module you will learn about asset management and the important role it plays in ensuring a safe and reliable transportation system. You will be introduced to the information, concepts and tools required for asset management. An example of a tribal asset management program currently being put into place is also provided.

Figure 2: Practice While You Learn!

Asset Management

The project below is referenced throughout the module to help you “Practice While You Learn” asset management.

Your tribe has decided to implement a pilot asset management project for the area near the tribal school. This project will inventory transportation facilities within a one mile radius of the school. The tribal governing body expects this effort will aid decisionmaking in the maintenance and improvement of transportation facilities on roadways near the school. It is also anticipated that the tribal asset management program will reduce costs and improve safety near the school.

The purpose of Practice While You Learn! is to apply your learning to a hypothetical problem as you study the contents of this module. You will find useful information and tools in your reading. At certain points, you will be asked if the lesson you have just learned will help solve the problem described here.

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