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Asset Management

IV. Checklist

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The asset management list should be updated annually. Use the checklist below for reviewing and/or renewing your asset management plan and activities.



Date Done

Step 1: Create an Inventory of What You Have

Decide what assets to inventory


Decide what information you want to collect on your assets


Gather information to create your asset inventory


Step 2: Define Asset Management Scope

Determine what decisions you want to influence with better asset management


Decide what assets are the most important to your tribal government.


Produce a list of what you want accomplished with your asset management program


Step 3: Prepare Your Organization for Asset Management

Develop a list of asset management roles and responsibilities


Determine the individuals, teams, and organizational units that need to be involved in implementing the asset management scope


Think through the change management needed to implement the asset management scope and achieve the best results.


Identify an asset management champion


Step 4: Develop the Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP)

Document what you are trying to achieve with your asset management program


Determine the performance measures that you are going to use to make decisions about what you will do with the assets and if you have been successful with the decisions




Date Done

Document the baseline information you have about your assets so that you can measure the improvements you make in the future


Decide on the actions you will take to make improvements


Describe management strategies for maintaining tribal assets in the desired condition


Describe the funds you have and are seeking for managing your assets


Step 5: Use Tools and Techniques to Implement Asset Management

Inventory what tools exist within your tribal government for asset management


Determine what areas in your TAMP need support to implement asset management


Decide how you are going to manage and use the data you will be collecting on your assets– do you need an asset management system?


Evaluate the tools and techniques that are available from FHWA for asset management


Apply the tools and techniques to get the results you are seeking


You have successfully completed the Asset Management training module!

Updated: 5/8/2015
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