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Partnering and Leveraging

V: Toolbox and Checklist


Basic Steps in Building Partnerships and Leveraging Resources

Cultivate Partner Relationships

Outcome and Benefits

  • Greater understanding of transportation resources and potential funding.
  • Increased knowledge of the transportation planning process impacting tribal interests.
  • Stronger ties and trust within your professional network.

Define a Specific Need

Outcome and Benefits

  • Sharper focus on the purpose of the partnership and each partner’s contribution and capabilities.
  • Assessment of the impact on tribal sovereignty.
  • Buy-in from tribal leadership.

Structure the Partnership

Outcome and Benefits

  • Initiate formal partnership agreement.
  • Achieve consensus on objectives.
  • Agree on roles and responsibilities.

Identify the resources each partner will contribute.



Manage the Process

(During project and after project completion )

Outcome and Benefits

  • Build trust.
  • Develop professional work environment.
  • Evaluate performance.
  • Capture lessons learned.


  Date Done
Review the Funding Resources module. It offers information on the Federal funding available to tribes.  
Review the Introduction to Planning module and the Tribal Consultation modules. They provide information on Federal requirements in tribal transportation planning and consultation. Consider ways to increase your exposure and participation.  
Review the Financial Planning, Project Prioritization, Developing the Transportation Improvement Program and Developing a Long-Range Transportation Plan modules. These cover the many purposes and uses of the LRTP and TTIP.  
For more discussion on tribal sovereignty, review the Statewide, MPO and FHWA Role in Tribal Consultation module.  
Appendix B: Review the Partnership Memorandum of Agreement between the Indian Township Passamaquoddy Tribe and the Maine Department of Transportation. It has similar features to those discussed in Section III.  

You have successfully completed the Partnerships and Leveraging training module!

Updated: 5/8/2015
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