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A Citizen's Guide to Transportation Decision Making

Documenting Decisions

It is important for government officials to carefully evaluate the choices available to them when making transportation decisions. This is why FHWA and FTA (along with your state DOT) always document their work and decisions for the public and for government agencies to review and provide input. We prepare documents before and after decisions are made so everyone can see why the decisions were made and can also provide input.

In addition to the documentation just mentioned, FHWA and FTA also prepare documents to meet NEPA requirements. Since every transportation project is different, and some are more complex than others, FHWA and FTA prepare one or more of the following documents for a proposed project to conform with NEPA requirements:

flowchart of the Project Development Process

In preparing an EIS, CE or EA for projects, FHWA and FTA must consider all of the relevant SEE impacts and pursue public involvement. In considering the potential SEE impacts of a project or activity, FHWA and FTA work with other federal, state and local agencies to consider their interests.

Although the size and complexity of the three levels of NEPA documentation are different, they all serve the same purposeto achieve better decisions by making the impact of choices known and by involving you, the public, in making transportation decisions.

Updated: 3/28/2012
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