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How to Engage Low-Literacy and Limited-English-Proficiency Populations in Transportation Decisionmaking

What are ways to access reliable data on low-literacy and limited-English-proficiency populations at a sub-State lev

The National Institute for Literacy's (NIFL) 1998 publication The State of Literacy in America: Estimates at the Local, State and National Levels was the only publication identified that provided Level 1 literacy estimates for adults in every State, county, municipality over 5,000 people, and congressional district in the Nation. In addition, thematic maps by county and congressional district showing the percent of adults at Level 1 literacy were provided. Adults were defined as those 16 years old and older; and Level 1 Literacy, or low literacy, was generally defined as less than fifth-grade reading and comprehension skills. The 1998 publication is available by calling (202) 233-2025 or e-mailing The text is available online at An updated version of this publication based on 2003 information is scheduled for release in mid 2006 and will be available on-line at

Map of the State of North Carolina showing levels of literacy by county in color codes. Details not given.

The State of Literacy in America provides Level 1 literacy information for every county in North Carolina.

Map of the State of North Carolina showing United States census themactics by county for persons 25 years old and older with less than 9 years of school shown in darkest color. Details not given.

A U.S. Census thematic map shows counties in North Carolina with the highest percent of persons 25 years old and older with less than 9 years of school in the darkest color.

Updated: 8/28/2013
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