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A Guide to Transportation Decision Making

Transportation Planning Process Description

Transportation Planning Process - long description below image

This flowchart is labeled Transportation Planning Process. It has a linear sequential of eight boxes with a downward flow arrow to the next box. The boxes are labeled in order from top to bottom:

(1) Regional Vision and Goals flowing into (2) Alternate Improvement Strategies of Operations and Capital; which flow into (3) Evaluation and Prioritization of Strategies; which flows into (4) Development of Transportation Plan (LRP); which flows into (5) Development of Transportation Improvement Programs (S/TIP); which flows into (6) Project Development; which flows into (7) Systems Operations (Implementation); and finally into (8) Monitor System Performance (Data).

Around this series of boxes is a curved, dual directional, "Feedback" line on each side of the group of boxes from the first box to the last box which contains a total of eight named Critical Factors and Inputs along the line top to bottom -- Safety, Nondiscrimination, Air Quality, and Environmental Issues along the right Feedback line; and continuing around the line Economic Development, Public Involvement, Data, and Fiscal Constraint along the left Feedback line.

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Updated: 3/28/2012
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